Second Day in Palm Springs

These pictures were taken a few minutes before we went down to the lobby for the prelims of the show. We stayed at a beautiful resort called Rancho Las Palmas. The Spa was amazing even hubby got a manicure and pedicure.    I wore an H&M top and shorts, Macy’s sequin jacket, and Steve Madden pumps.




  1. pretty :D & i hope you had fun

  2. I wouldn’t think of ever pairing a top and pair of shorts that both have bows together! I always thought that was a no-no but you seem to make it work! Super adorable.

  3. Love this outfit :] <3 your blog

  4. I really like your top! The colors mesh really well, and the pop of bling adds quite a bit of fun to your outfit.

  5. CottonCandyINK says:

    love these heels! great shorts as well ;-)

  6. LOVE love love this outfit with the double bow ties and the sequins, such a neutral yet bright color combination!

  7. love your outfit posts!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your sequin jacket!!! <3

  9. Glad you had fun in my neck of the woods! I live RIGHT down the street from the hotel! :D

  10. so Sprakly!! :) yehii

  11. Love that sequin top! It makes the whole outfit. :)

  12. Dulce! Could you do a tutorial on this look? You look so glowy! =]

  13. Love…love…love those shorts & jacket babe.
    Btw, your skin looks so dewy and glowing xo

  14. Love this look, the shorts and shirt are adorable together, the sequin jacket is Fab!!

  15. rancho las palmas says:

    love the hotel you stayed at! beyond gorgeous and one of my favorites

  16. OMG I’m from Palm Springs! I would have loved to run into you!

  17. you look gorgeous. Congrats!

  18. Love the sequin jacket <3 hope you had fun:)

  19. your hair looks amazing!! and orange looks good on you!

    if you can check out my blog :)

  20. i love your style =))

  21. what do you mean by sequence jacket? is that the name of the style? love the outfit btw!!

  22. You look so beautiful :) I love your sequence jacket <3 I need it, too :)

    Kisses from germany

  23. Loving your style! Your blog is amazing =)
    Lots of love!

  24. looking good, but two bows are too much!:)

  25. love the colours! looking good!xx

  26. Great outfit…Love your jacket ans shoes :)


  27. LOVE IT :) You Look AMAZING :) If you thought last year was an amazing year for you – this years going to be bigger and better things – TO THE TOP :) xox

    your biggest fan from New Zealand!

  28. I love your blog! :) beautiful outfit.


  29. Wow! You look like a rock star!!

  30. Love your sequins jacket <3

  31. Huum i like the outfit but dont know about the double bows. colors work great!!

  32. such a nice outfit with unexpected combinations! i love the two bows :)

  33. I love your sequined jacket and the color combo as well!!

  34. You look adorable! I especially liked the pumps and the sequined jacket!

  35. Hey:) Love the Outfit. It looks amazing . xx

  36. love the gold *sequined* jacket <3

  37. That is such a cute outfit! And I’m super jealous of the lovely weather you’re experiencing!

  38. definitely cute! isn’t it great when hubby does the treatments also?? makes it more fun!!

  39. Make a post and tell us what do you do to have your body in so great condition, you are on a diet or like sport? You’re looking great!

  40. so gorgeous! i love how you matched the colours and and the fabrics. (: one of my favourite outfits from you!

  41. i loove this look, adore these colors and the sequin jacket xx


  42. Love that jacket very cute !

  43. I like your shirt, but your outfit looks weird!!!!! all thoes colors looks like you had nothing to wear and just grabed anything.

  44. I love the gold sequins!

  45. I love the orange with the tan! Great overall look!

  46. says:

    Love the colors and the sparkle!

  47. darling you look great!! i love the golden blazer!!

    much love from holland

  48. I love the Macy’s sequin jacket!

  49. Love your outfit! I’m searching for a gold sequin jacket and i cant find it at macy’s :-( Does anybody know where i can find it?

  50. Hii!! nice blog, we are a spanish followers :)


    Nora and Silvia!!

  51. PD: cool outfit, I love the jaket!! ;)

  52. U look very pretty, that sequined piece is simply gorgeous!! I”m waiting more news and pics!!:)

  53. You’re gorgeous!:))


  54. This is just fab, fab, fab. The sequins bring back memories. Ha ha! I hope you enjoyed yourself.

  55. Congrats on:

    33k fans on Google
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    500k fans on YT


  56. i spent a few weeks this summer there! lol

  57. Marisela Bennett says:

    Super Linda!! love it~ you know it and own it!! I wish I could walk in high heels: (

  58. dulce you are gorgeous! love the sequined blazer and the bows :)

  59. i want those shoes and sequined cardigan!!! checkout mine guys! thx a lot!

  60. Here ya guys go, she copied yet another look. how sad.

  61. I just found your blog from the interview with Happy Brunette and I fell in love with it!! It is amazing, love your style, congrats!! I hope my blog gets half as successful as yours!

  62. that jacket is super cute and i like the pumps too!

  63. I love your looks! especially this one! :]

  64. i love your shoes.! *-* You are sooo very beautiful.! Love Ramona


    Although, of course I would know why. Lol.


  66. Omg i am in love with this outfit love the soft and bright color mixed together and something sparkly.. love it love it