Fashion Haul + Outfit

Hi everyone!
Here’s my new fashion haul video from all of the new goodies I picked up for my Spring wardrobe. I’m so excited to wear everything! Stores mentioned: Macy’s, Forever 21, Zara, H&M, and Windsor. XOXO

Here’s just one shot of the outfit I wore today…..totally loving these blue Target heels I picked up a few days ago.
(Better shots coming soon)


  1. I think I`ll shop at Macy’s soon!!! Your fashion tips remind me of my dear sister—she always knew whats going to be hot in the fashion markets. She would give me tips on what looks good with what I have. Thanks for sharing all the goodies!!!!!

  2. I was wondering, Haven’t u gotten lighter? Would you share what u do pls pls plsss :)

  3. CottonCandyINK says:
  4. Aww so excited to see more pictures of your outfit!

  5. Gee, I really like and look at other photos of this outfit (especially the front I’m curious how you look) Beautifully

  6. Is this dress from hm I so wanna go get it I saw it online today!

  7. can’t wait till more photos of those blue target heels are out! they look fab from the back! can only imagine that the front is more fabulouuuss!

  8. Morbid Angel says:

    The bag>>>>n those shoes!! ;p

  9. I LOVE the new purse…you said in your last post you got off some random site, can you share the site? I love that shade of blue in shoes!

  10. Fantastic haul video! I loved the things you bought!

  11. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that dress! Need it in my life.
    Love the statement the shoes make.

  12. Hi Dulce.

    My name is Sandra and I live Poland. Yes, your blog reach even to Poland ;)
    I watch this webside since one week, and I must say: I love you! ;) You have super style, and you giving good advice for us. Above that you are beautiful.
    I saw all your outfits, and quite a lot youtube films- I don’t have a lot of freetime because, in to months I have an exam.
    Thanks to you I refresh my wardrobe, and I don’t afraid go out in something original.
    Who knows, maybe I establish blog with my outfits? :P Hm.. propably not.

    Kisses! Bye!
    P.S.I waiting for more interesting outfits and hauls.

  13. Erica Rachel says:

    Yayyy! I love your hauls! Ooh, you should another thrift haul soon, that’d be nice :)

  14. Can you make a “best of” post were you post all the best outfits from your time as a blogger???

  15. boots are great!!

  16. I love it. Your styles awsome. Starting to look all spring and Summery! x

  17. I love the outfit in the picture below please do an outfit of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Loooooove your hauls!!! Although i dont live in US

  19. Hi Dulce,

    I love the new color block clutch for purchased from your haul video, may I ask where did you purchase it again?

    Thank you,

    xoxo Alesa

  20. hey dulce,
    im shatha from the uk(brum),ive been watchin your vids since a lng tyme n dey inspire me so much….youve got such a great personalityn i realy love ure vids…i wish 2 c more of ure hauls n beuty vids.btw my mother was wonderng if ders any beuty prodect u recommend for eyes as the crease lne of 1 of her eyes r droppin dwn…thnxs 4 ure great vids


  21. your haul videos makes me wanna shop too!!!

  22. Wow! This shoes are looking amazing! Especially with dress :) <3

  23. Good stuff as always!! I love getting ideas on my shopping list from your hauls!

  24. Hey I wanted to ask you if you used the new pink camera for this haul? :D I was thinking about buying it so I wanted to ask you how do you like it :D

  25. can you post the ebay seller you bought this off of? love it.

  26. Will you show us the whole look soon??? i would like to see the front view as well

  27. woow…you picked almost all the Zara items I liked in the store!!!!!

  28. very nice look!!!

  29. i can’t wait to see the rest of that outfit, Dulce! :)

    I would love it if you got a minute to check out my blog :)

  30. Hey Dulce. I agree, those blue shoes from Target are adorable. I saw them yesterday and I was freaking out! B/c I’ve been searching if blue heels/ shoes! I can’t wait to sport my!

  31. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics of this outfit. Best one yet!

  32. Azucena Gervacio says:

    Dulce ….

    where did u get this dress ? i love it from what i can see , do u have any pics of the way it looks from the front?

  33. Hello Dulce Candy! My name is Tiia, and i live in Finland. I read your blog about every day! I love love love your blog! you are so beautiful and your style is just what i like!
    And i’m shoe lover too!
    But the thing why i reply to you is, when those better pictures is coming? i’m very curious about that lovely dress! im wating !! (=

  34. Ok Dulce….
    you’ve teased us with this look about a month ago now!
    can you please please PLEASE do a photoshoot and reveal where you bought those clothes?!?!?!
    cause they just look oh so killer form the back
    chaoitos xxx

  35. totally love your shoes,

  36. You have brought up a very excellent details , thankyou for the post.