February Favorites! 2012

1: Tommy Hilfiger makeup bag
2:Prada perfume
3:Eat Los Angels 2012 book
4:Tarina Tarantino shimmer dust
5:Coffee mug
6:Vaseline Lip treatment
7: Lancome lipsticks “barely there” and “Wannabe” Juciy tube “Spring Fling”

I was very excited to talk about my favorite items this month because I found so many great things that I just fell in love with. Enjoy the video :) XOXO

What are your favorite must have products this month?


  1. love it! <3

  2. what was the second book you got, girl? xx

  3. I like your mug;)

  4. nice :)


  5. LOVE THEM!!


  6. CottonCandyINK says:

    great favorites , love the cute mug


  7. Morbid Angel says:

    Ur coffee mug is too cute!!!!Great purchases!! :)

  8. so many cute things! you’re lucky :)


  9. The Tommy Hilfiger bag and the mug are so cute. I love owls.

    My favourite purchase in February was pumpkin butters (they’re body butters made with pumpkin oil) from Haus of Gloi.

  10. All cute! I love the mug! Whooo’s in there? an owl!!
    My favorite this month is a star scarf I bought at Target.

  11. Now, how did I know that purse was from T.J Maxx before you said it. I’m too much of a maxxinsta ;D

  12. Adore that mug!!
    Check out my blog and my recent post? (:

  13. I love your favourites! I also wrote a February Favourites, if anyone is interested, feel free to check it out :)



  14. Alison M says:

    whats like your job?? what do you (hope you can tell) I’ll understand if you wouldn’t want to though …because it looks like you have the dream job? i just want to follow in your footsteps i guess….FYI i want to be a designer :)

  15. Where did you find that coffee mug?? Need to know. Thanks!!

  16. I share your coffee mug sentiments! x

  17. i love watching your vids…you have such a great uplifting attitude…and i’m totally with you on the whole mug thing….i love drinking out of a cute mug….once i bout one with this little mouse character as the handle and the whole mug was painted in bright cute landscape like flowers and trees…aaaa makes drinking so much better
    xoxo Stephi

  18. babe,what kind camera do you use? couse photos are just amazing..:) please answer

  19. I love the both !