Fuchsia Coat + Snake Skin Accessories

What I Wore:
H&M fuchsia coat (cute season appropriate blazer here)
7 For All Mankind “The Skinny” jeans (Can be found here)
House of Harlow 1960 necklace (Can be found here)
Snake skin pumps (Similar style here)
Snake skin clutch (Loving this chic and clean style here)
Today was a full day of blessings. I woke up very optimistic and was determined to not let ANYONE steal my joy. The more success I’m blessed with, the more joy thieves I seem encounter. It’s always up to me to have full control of my feelings, and I always choose to be a happy and selfless. That alone is the key to a successful and happy life! I’m sharing this with you all of you because there are girls out there who reach out to me who want to start a blog, but are afraid of what people might say to them. You have to be fearless and do what your heart tells you!
Having said that little speech, today I went to one of the most important meetings of my life. This opportunity will take my career to the next level, and I’m beyond excited for my future! I chose to wear a cute little coat (it was a bit cold this AM), jeans, stylish pumps, and accessories. The outfit was a hit! I loved it!
Have a blessed night darlings, and I love you! xoxo


  1. Love, love, love that outfit! It is just stunning!

  2. AMAZING post Dulce!!! I check your site and YouTube every single day!! I would be beyond grateful if you checked out my blog and let me know your thoughts! You are my style icon and an inspiration to me! Love you and your work so so much!! xoxo, Carrie


  3. I adore your necklace! (:


  4. Hey Dulce, I would like to know where you found that snake skin clutch at as well as the shoes; even though you gave us a similar link to the shoes/ and purse I would like to know where did u get yours from, thanks a lot, xoxo

  5. Great post Dulce. I just started my own blog and I was a little nervous about it. I was afraid of what people might think. I went ahead and did it anyways and so far it has been so much fun for me to do. Congratulations on all your success. You truly deserve everything you have.

    The Simple Swan
    A fashion, beauty, and maternity blog

  6. Well said I love the post and the speech lol

  7. Hi Dulce, Love Love Love the combination of the Fuchsia Coat and the Snake Print Accessories. Love the little inspiration message you wrote too. I have been checking out your blog all the time since I discovered it. Just like Carries said in the comment above, you inspired me to start my own blog. I love fashion and I want to be able to express myself through it. Love you and Keep up with the good job!
    Here is my blog, pls check it out and leave a comment. Thanks

  8. I Love those pumps!!! :D
    Dulce, I really hope you include plus-sizes in your new line!!! :D


  9. Dulce! You are such an inspiration! Love the fact that you are so positive! Sending out good vibes and I love this fuschia color, powerful color :-)


  10. Love this outfit! The shoes and clutch are my favorite.



  11. Love the necklace. The entire look is so beautiful! Last year I finally bought a HOH station necklace and it is neatly stored with tissue paper in my jewelry drawer. I need to start wearing mine more often!

    As far as joy thieves, I understand what you mean. But those looking to steal your joy are probably searching for their own happiness which eludes them.

    Congratulations on your new venture! And much continued success! :)

  12. it’s bound to happen Dulce, people for some reason don’t like other people to be happy, it’s really unfortunate, but i bet the people who love you outweigh all the haters.
    hope you’re having a great day XO

  13. Beautiful shoes, beautiful bag, beautiful jacket. beautiful everything!

  14. Really cute necklace!


  15. Amazing shoes and clutch…you look stunning :)


  16. what a great post! so motivating :)
    I wish you good luck and success with your new project!

  17. color blocking nails and coat and animal print accessoires … really great ! :)

  18. LOVE THE OUTFIT!!! Adoring the shoes!! My favorite outfit so far!!!

  19. Oh dulce, you are such an inspiratioNal person.. I dont thnk you even know how many people you have influenced. On a very good way! Trust me. You are just amazing, love the outfit btw. The pink colour is socute!

  20. Hi Dulce….lovely outfit:) love it..love it…love it…
    I check ur Videos and blog every single day…I am a great fan of urs…
    I’d be thankful if u’d check my blog too..I hav ejust started blogging..


  21. I love your coat!!!! super cute nail polish

  22. can’t wait to hear the exciting news and great little piece of motivational advice – it’s soo true!!

    fashionable footprints

  23. OMG that blazer is awesome :-o Love Love Love it.

  24. Very cute outfit! Love how you paired the snakeskin with the bright pink. & I adore that House of Harlow necklace!! Thank you for the positive words, very touching and great to hear from someone like you! Blessings to you and your family :)

  25. Catarina says:


  26. Dulce, I’ve been a dedicated reader and subscriber on your youtube for a few years now. I cannot believe how much you’ve accomplished and I am so happy for you that your dreams have come true, and are still coming true. I am a army wife with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and I put a hold on my dreams for my hubby and family, since i have two kids now, I enjoy each day with them especially my hubby. We’ve been through so much in the army from deployment, stress and all. Now my hubby is in recruiting school and we are finally going to move back to our hometown where I can also pursue my dreams of doing something in the fashion industry. I always admire your eclectic style and you have kept me motivated as well with your kind words, amazing style, even though you wouldn’t say them directly to me but seeing and hearing it from your blog and youtube, I felt connected. I’ve been working on my own projects at home. I would really love to send a little something to you that I’ve made.

  27. Katherine says:

    Hi Dulce, I think you need to double-check/re-read your blog entries before you publish them.
    You made a couple of spelling errors here:

    - Thieves, not thief’s
    - There “are” girls, not there’s girls.

    Please take this as a constructive criticism to make your blog look and sound more professional.
    Good luck!

  28. michelle laguna says:

    Wow… Dulce , u always blow me away! Love this outfit! Keep rocking it;)

  29. Thanks for your little speech..I already created a blog..and I love doing it..I don’t care what other people think or say ..I do what makes me happy ♥

    love you ♥

  30. You look so beautiful. That´s my problem, I have a lots of questions, what peple will think about my, my style, the things which I am into. You write it well. I wish you luck today! You are awesome! :-) xx

  31. Great details!! :) I really love your pumps and the clutch! Amaziiiing! :))

    Kisses, xoxo

  32. super schön :)

  33. I am very bad in English but I just want to say that I love your outfits so much I check your site very single day, and you are so beautiful! Your hair, your makeup.. everything! I’m so jalouse!


  34. Really beautiful outfit! I loved your coat, and your heels!

  35. Courtney says:

    what nail polish color are you wearing? I think I NEED it in my collection. :D

  36. great look and beautiful pictures!
    your blog is amazing!



  37. Hey dulce!!! omg, what to say… everyone has said everything… I just wanted to tell you that i’ve thought about reading those books that you recomended, but I don’t know where to find them, I mean, download them… I’m in argentina, :/ but I believe in what you said, that they help people to stay positive, and I would love to be positive ALWAYS haha, anyway, great post! :)


  38. The snake-skin accessories are game changers. You seem easily approachable and fierce at the same time.
    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself.

    Being Vera Blog.

    P.S.: You’ve been a unwavering source of strength and inspiration to all your readers and youtube subscribers. Can you do a post/video for your young followers how to get over hate and bullying? It would change a lot of lives.

  39. alisa13897lucky says:

    OMG whats your nail polish ? PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! IM GONNA DIE IF YOU DONT ANSWER! the nail polish you are wearing is just… amazing.
    xxx <3

  40. That’s really beautiful, what you wrote. And thank you for the inspiration and motivation… Even though your succes speaks for itself and it an enough of a motivation on it’s own.
    But all of us that put ourselves out there by blogging have “haters” so it’s always nice to hear something like this to get back on track.
    I wish you all the best in regards to that meeting, and you look lovely in this outfit. The blazer is so pretty! :)


  41. And I wish you all the luck in the world! :) great outfit by the way!



  42. just dont mind the negative persons..we always encounter them everywhere!! thayre just jealous and wants to be in your shoes right?? be positive and always thank God for everything!! love yah!!


  43. love your positive attitude

  44. I love love your outfits and inspirations. What you said was right!! I started my own blog recently and finally launched it officially yesterday. What you said was so right and def. a mood booster. I’m so glad I started a blog towards my passion! :) please come by and check it out and I absolutely love what you do! keep it up <3



  45. You look gorgeous – love your shoes + clutch ;)!!

  46. I love you Dulce! You are my inspiration and I am not imagining living without you! You are a good person. God is proud of you! Bless

  47. Love the contrast of the pink blazer and snakeskin pumps/clutch! Hope your meeting went well and congrats on all your success this far! I’m sure there are people out there trying to steal your joy but it isobvious they are just jealous of what you have and probably wish they were more like you. Keep on doing what you are doing!

  48. Love the pink with the blue nails! Looking great as always!

  49. Might order the jeans…did you have to get them hemmed or do they just fall perefctly on you?

  50. silvana ♥ says:

    hermosa! me encantan tus convinaciones


  51. Well… I used to have my own fashion blog… But my school mates found it and they were saying bad things about me, so I quit it..:( But I really miss it!

  52. Such an inspiring speech. If people want to start a blog, they should. One thing worse than failure is self-doubt. People shouldn’t worry what people say about others. A blog is a person’s space on the internet – a blank canvas ready to be painted.

  53. Love the pumps!

    Made by: sara

  54. ‘Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. It finds it quite indigestible’ (Eckhart Tolle). Don’t ever feed them, Dulce.

  55. CottonCandyINK says:

    Dulce, I love your outlook on life I feel the same way. to be honest you gave me motivation to start my blog I was one of those girls who were (and sometimes still am) afraid of what other think and I know you have a ton of haters and I love the way you handle it and yourself. Now I have 2 blogs and I love it so much. thank you so much for showing me that its ok to do what you want and love and to not worry about what others mat thin or say. I’m honestly proud of you for all your success and genuinely feel so happy for you and your family. One day I wish to be as confident as you. I could write to you all day…

    god bless you Dulce and congratulations on all you have and all thats to come your way… God is so good!


  56. Suzzette says:

    Where did you get the shoes and clutch, please?????????????