What I wore:
Skull blouse bought at the Fashion District in LA
H&M faux leather shorts (Similar style can be found here)
Shiek shoes c/o from 6 months back. I think they might be sold out already :(
Tory Burch bracelet (can be found here)
Aldo neon pink clutch (can be found here)
Karma necklace (can be found here)


  1. Love this! The shirt rocks and your smile is beautiful ^-^!

  2. this has to me my fav of all your look but i just have to say i love your hair down more =)

  3. Wow^^

  4. Definitely love the hot pink clutch with this outfit! (:


  5. Love it! Simple and badass ;)

  6. Absolutely love this outfit. You look gorgeous like always:)

  7. Beautiful pictures…love your shoes and blouse!

  8. Khandi 242 says:

    These Shoes are the BUSINESS!

  9. You took a risk and it paid off. Striking. The first and last photographs are boss.
    Would love to see your tips or a how-to on doing a messy top bun. Haven’t been able to find any videos for what I’m looking for. Quite like how you’ve done it up. Looks effortless, yet mod.

    Being Vera Blog.

  10. Your outfit is flawless, I’m in love with it!!

  11. Love the hair and top!


  12. Anonymous says:

    I love your style Dulce but this outfit is a miss for me. I think the espadrille wedge is too casual for the tone of the outfit. I would love to see this outfit with some rocker shoes to match the edgy top & shorts. Regardless thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. I love the combination black and pink <3 it's really eye catching :) and i love your shoes , they are so comfortable.

  14. wow echt toll :)

  15. I love the skull print top :)
    perfect outfit for a casual day
    The Fashion Cyclist

  16. the blouse is so incredibly beautiful and rocking
    I want to have that blouse! <3


  17. Francesca says:

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit, but if i can say, i’d change the bra: is better a black one.
    But i love your style!!

    xxx from Italy

  18. Gosh I’m in love with your shirt!!! <3

  19. Really cute :)

  20. Dulce you look so good! and I love all the pictures today! :)

  21. love your shoes!!!! beautiful photos!

  22. Where can I find this shirt online I absolutely love it!!

  23. Amazing outfit! Loved your shirt/dress and your wedges! You look stunning.

  24. i love this oufit ! you are so beautiful ! :)

  25. Your hair looks fierce! I’m loving the pink with the skulls, complete opposites!

  26. I love this outfit and the bright neon clutch really sets it off!!

  27. I love this look, the clutch is the perfect pop of color.


  29. Dulce this is a gorgeous outfit I am really loving it and I am dying for the shirt very pretty and rock n’ roll


  30. You look sooooo pretty here! <3

  31. Where is that spiked bracelet from!?! I must have it!!!!! <3

  32. Beautiful but i wouldnt be brave enough to show my bra but it does look beautiful also love your bag!

  33. CottonCandyINK says:
  34. Amazing oufit, I love everything in it!! You look so gorgeous! And these pictures are just perfect!

    Kisses, xoxo Meri

  35. I just love how you can make everything look so cute! I’m not into skulls, but I really think it looks cute!

  36. absolutely love the skulls with the pink! so cute but edgy! :)

  37. i love this risk you took with this outfit. and your hair! i’d love to see how you manage to make your hair look effortless, but still neat when it’s down.

  38. amazing look!!!!!)))

  39. Cool shirt, but your bra does not match your sheer black shirt. I would opt for a dark colored bra, preferably solid black. Also, it would be best to wear a cami during day time because all I see is your cream colored laced bra which screams out attention. Please take this as a constructive criticism!

  40. OH!! i want that shirt!! Im looking for that kind of shirt forever!! Hope i kind here in my country!! u did rock in this shirt dulce!!

  41. lovely outfit!

  42. Jasmine Reyna says:

    Hey ladies these ShOES ARE ON SaLe on Shiek website for $32……go purchase :)

  43. Uh oh, I’d change the bra to maybe a black one next time… -___-
    otherwise awesome! I could never pull this off

  44. Love the skull shirt! soooo cute

  45. I love this outfit! I am usually not a skulls person, but the way you put everything together is gorgeous.


  46. Love it! Those shoes are fab!

  47. Interesting outfit. A bit loud for my tastes, but I would wear something similar without the skulls all over it. Plus, I love the shoes!

  48. that skull blouse is beyond amazing x

  49. Lovely !! you look great babe !!

    Marina .

  50. Love the blouse!
    on the second picture you see your back, but on the right of your shoulder blade I see a tattoo kinda thingy.. Is that a real tattoo or not? Or just on the shirt? So curious :)

  51. karina_mia says:


  52. those wedges are amazing <33
    love when your hair is open:)


  53. Soo rocker chic, perfect for LA!
    You never straighten your hair–I think it’d look amazing with this outfit!

    -Nadia from:

  54. hello beautiful where you bought the barbed bracelet type rock and roll? thanks

  55. i’d wear a bandeau with the outfit. otherwise this is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  56. Holy Cow Dulce! This has got to be my FAVORITE outfit you’ve ever put together since I’ve started reading your blog. Good job :) I REALLY want that skull top. :O

  57. SO IN LOVE WITH THE TOP ! please, PLEASE help me find it online somehow !!!!

  58. Where can I buy the skull blouse?! I absolutely LOVE it!!

  59. Cute outfit. The purse, is beautiful..

  60. Now THOSE shoes are HOTT! LOVE <3 the ankle cuff… Haven't seen a wedge like this til now…

  61. stunning outfit, but i’d go with some other shoes. maybe some rock’n'roll boots or heels! Anwyays, love the shirt! lovet the shorts, love the bag, love _you_ xxxx

  62. I loved your shirt, you remember the address where you bought in LA?

  63. stephanie says:

    can someone please let me know where I can purchase this shirt…. a link or a name and or address to the store where it was purchased downtown.

    thank you


  64. Looove your shoes and your blouse!!

  65. As usual, you look SO GOOD, but honestly, this outfit isn’t one of your best. It’s the bra…I just feel so distracted and slightly scandalized by it.

  66. Hi dulce :) I love your blog! it gives me tons of inspiration!! I just recently started my own blog and I was hoping you could check it out (

  67. Someone PLEASE, if you find this in a store or online (anything similar to that skull shirt), PLEASEEEEE let me know. In love with tht shirt, you rocked it DULCE <3

  68. OMG love love love

    xo Jackie

  69. the link to the bracelet is messed up~ it is pulling up as the spike bracelet :(

  70. I’m in love with the shoes! Does anyone have the website so I can purchase it!

  71. Jessica says:

    I’ve been searching everywhere for this shirt but no luck :( Can someone pleeeease let me know where to find this top if you happen to know!

  72. I love this look, i wish I can find this top but I cant. You look gorgeous…

  73. I am loving those shoes!! Great outfit with the little pop of color.

  74. LOVE the blouse. Where exactly is it from? I hope they have a website :)

  75. AH! I found the blouse!!!!! Been searching everywhere LOL!
    If anyone is wordering where it is from go to


  76. Love this look! Edgy but still girly and smart ;)

  77. Amazing legs. Awesome outfit.

  78. Can i buy that blouse somewhere on the internet? i really want it!!!!!