Casual Sunday

(Zara top, Work jeans, J.Crew flats, H&M tote, Michael Kors watch, Fedora coming soon!)
Had the best weekend ever!


  1. Cute lace top! (:

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  2. you’re so talented!
    I love your classic outfits.

  3. Cute jeans :)

  4. You are so cute!
    Love the watch
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  5. Love it , but is it just me or is your left boob bigger then then the right mybe ur still swollen ?

  6. CottonCandyINK says:

    love those jeans dulce!

  7. Love your bag so much….

  8. I love the necklace, jeans, and shoes!! You look great!

    A Petite Treat

  9. I don’t like ripped jeans, but these are amazing!

  10. i love the shoes and the watch :) i do not like too many zippers so the jeans would not be something i would purchase, but the lace top is really cute.

  11. I love it!

  12. pretty :) i love your shoes ;)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandy von modewunder

  13. Beautiful casual outfit hun :)

  14. love love love this outfit!!

  15. Love this outfit! It looks so fresh, perfect for spring.

  16. I like that, it’s comfortable and summery: xx

  17. Hi Dulce!
    I was just wondering if you could post an outfit photo of you styling the H&M blouse that you were wearing in your
    7 Deadly Sins of Beauty TAG -video. I have the same blouse but I’d need some tips to rock it. I have paired it with some denim shorts and just plain stud earrings. I totally understand if you don’t have the time to do that, but I would appreciate it! Thanks. :)

  18. I love the necklace! what a statement!

  19. Those jeans are so cute! So is that Lion pendant…nice!


  21. Such a cute outfit. Love the jeans and watch

  22. the jellies are so cute! i love the look!
    Dolly, xo

  23. Love the whole outfit! Your bag and your flats are amazing!

  24. I love fedora hats. They make any outfit amazing and effortlessly chic.
    XO Wil Harris

  25. Hey dulce!

    Beautiful outfit! Love it

    Hope you can be kind enough, and have a visit on my fashion/beauty blog. – A girls guide to health beauty and fashion xxx

    Love you

  26. Dulce where’s the necklace fm??? Plz respond I’ve been looking for that one for a
    Very long time. Thank you

  27. Angelika says:
  28. Alejandra says:

    I made a set inspired by you! Hope you like it.

  29. I love your style!) nice look!)

  30. Love the colour of your shoes!!!
    Miss Starshiny

  31. Hey, for anybody wondering the necklace is from H&M & i believe its around $15CAD ! I’m defo going to run out & get those flats – i love the coral – for girls on a student budget, if you have the chance check out: – enjoy :)

  32. like your flats !!! :D

  33. Those flats mean business. I’ll take one in every colour.
    And the bag too, please.
    And I can feel your positivity through the laptop screen.
    Stay strong mama.

    Being Vera Blog.

  34. Cute! Why does your left boob looks weird. Did u get a bad boob job??? It looks weird

  35. I’m loving your jeans! The double zipper looks so cute!

  36. so pretty

  37. love it – the pendant is from H&M !

  38. Lovely spring outfit. The florals, the necklace <3

  39. Super cute!It looks very comfy!Love the contrast of the flats!:)))


  40. I don’t think this hat was a good choice….but tottally LOOOOVE love love the rest of the outfit!

  41. I love your jeans! ;) super set

  42. Beautiful!

  43. very cute and cozy. i love this jeans – outfit

  44. Such a casual-chic outfit. Jeans and a top is always my go to outfit of choice for mixing the comfort and the pretty factor; although at the moment I’m teaming my jeans with jumpers A LOT! …

    England is so cold!

    Ginger x

  45. Did u just have surgery? If you did you should be open about it because its obvious!

    where where WHERE did you get that amazing NECKLACE!
    i literally have just fallen in love with it and NEED IT

  47. And the outfit is truly stunning! In fact, it is the second thing that attracted me after the lace top you wear.