Minty Hi-Lo Dress

Minty hi-lo dress, purse, and bracelet will be available at our on-line store soon.
Shoes are Aldo and earrings are from Forever 21 :)


  1. Beautiful outfit!

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing Dulce!

  3. love ittttttt


  4. Very beautiful outfit!

  5. So divine! I adore how feminine and pretty you look, the dress is so beautiful and the bag and shoes could not be more appropriate! Love the pics, you look stunning!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. It’s fantastic,so gorgeous minti dress!Love these details on it!:))


  7. super schön :)

  8. nicole says:

    you look lovely as per usual!xx

  9. CottonCandyINK says:

    love the style of this dress

  10. Cute dress, you look stunning :)

  11. Romantic and adorable!!!

  12. love it! sooooo beautiful!

  13. Beautiful dress,love the combination!!!


  14. I love your outfit! Your dress is wonderful ♥

  15. i love mint colour, but in this outfit shoes are wonderful!

  16. Love the dress! You’re simply wonderful!

  17. This dress is so beautiful!!! :) Love your handbag and earrings too :)

  18. gorgeous!! love that color on you!


  19. Your husband seems to be soo good with the camera now! The shots are gorgeous and so are the colors! The outfit is so cute and feminine, perfect for summer!

  20. Does anyone know where/what her “online store” is? I have no idea if this online store is something that’s in the works, or if it’s up and running…?

  21. your shoes are always immaculate :) love it!

  22. LOVE THE MINT!! Looks amazing!

  23. omgosh love this look! can’t wait till it shows up at the online store! :)


  24. I love the outfit especially the dress !

    EnJoy Fashion <3

  25. I hate when I fall in love with one of your outfits and I want to go buy it but it says coming to the online store soon. And “soon” is taking forever :(

  26. I lovee the dress its soo cute and adorable
    you look pretty too :D x

  27. Dulce I love this outfit. I never thought that I could like hi-lo dresses but you made it work it this beautifully cut green-blue pastel dress. I love it. Keep up the great work Dulce you’re such an inspiration. where we post designer shoes for people who wear a size 11 shoe or higher! :)


  28. fairy glitters says:

    when exactly will the dress be available? i love it!!!

  29. i’m obsessed with Mint and this dress is so fab :)

  30. This outfit is soo adorable! And so me :) xoxo Love it!

  31. :O Love so much that dress! SO beautiful! :D


  32. sooooooooooooo beautiful


  33. The dress is so beautiful! You look gorgeous.

  34. the high low + mint is a great combo

  35. love the dress so cute!=)

  36. Love the look

  37. Gorgeous!!! (:
    I love the print! (:

  38. I super love your dress!!!!

  39. Love that mint dress and the pictures are beautiful!

  40. roxanne says:

    cute outfit , but why would you make a cheap version of a Chanel flap bag ! That is so low of you !!!! make your own designs !!!!!!! STOP STEALING OTHER PEOPLES THINGS..

  41. love the outfit!
    also, what camera do you use??

    thanks :)

  42. Alwaysloveitneverhateit says:

    you look nice.. but you are so phony, why don’t you ever reply to people… ?? fame has gotten to your head..

  43. The location change makes this look even more so pretty. I cannot fault you on this one. :)

    Vera (Being Vera Blog.)

  44. Loving the polka dots in such a pastel print !!!! SOO SUMMER!!!

  45. Love the color mint!

  46. Oooh I really lot ethos outfit! So Light and So Chic!!! :))

  47. Vivian says:

    This dress is amazing..i love the polka dots and the mint colour!:)


  48. Jacqui Acosta says:

    @vi she’s been mentioning the “online store” for months but no word on when it will actually debut (hasn’t as of now). I feel like she is just teasing us! :(

  49. Jacqui Acosta says:

    Dulce, I love your blog and check it daily but I also think it would be a good idea if you incorporated more text into your posts in addition to the pictures. Increased text would make your personality come through more and it would be fun to read. :)

  50. i love the minty dress. beautiful for spring and summer. and nice accessoires.

  51. Love this colour! Your hair looks amazing x

  52. The colour of your dress is beautiful…fabulous Spring look!

    I think the assymetric hemline/waterfall style of dress and skirt is so girly and flattering!

    Ginger x

  53. Love the minty dress, just as the shoes and your earriings! I have the same bag(well, it looks exactly the same), just a size smaller.

  54. That dress color looks gorgeous against you skin tone. That bag is to die for!!! A home run for sure

  55. amazing picture :) i love your dress

    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandy von modewunder

    Ps: Do you want that i present your blog on my?
    Hast du vlt lust bei meiner Blogvorstellungs- Aktion mitzumachen?

  56. I love the dress. All of the clothes thats gonna be in your store are so cute!!! When is it gonna be out???

  57. Love the mint on you! And the dress is really cute.

  58. Sooo cute! You are beautiful Dulce :)

  59. Sooo cute! You are beautiful Dulce :D

  60. for this dress exist just One Word georgeus for you Girl Your indiscredible because your more than georgeus kisses

  61. You look amazing sweetie!:)

  62. Beautiuf outfit!

    You look stunning!

    Please don’t forget to check out my Fashion blog – – A girls guide to health, beauty & fashion. xxx

    Stay beautiful! xx

  63. Heaven Writes says:
  64. nice dress…but a huge disappointment in Bag… its a total CHANEL rip off!!! Its a shame that someone who is a fashion and Style blogger is promoting Fake bags or copied version….

    Young girls will buy the rip off version n you will end up buying the real CHANEL and CELINE!!

  65. Maryam says:

    i love this outfit specially the bag it’s to die for it! can’t wait to buy it ;)
    oh and btw i really wanted to thank you for entertaining us i wish you all the best in your future and actual project (: xx

  66. Andrea says:

    Whats the name of Dulces website??

  67. Love love love. You never disappoint with your outfits <3

  68. I love the dress and your hair colour :)

  69. The hem is just too pretty! Love it

  70. All of your outfits are BEAUTIFUL! I love this dress!

  71. So beautiful!

  72. Dulce! Found your youtube channel and blog not too long ago and I’m obsesses. You have the most amazing style, and the fact that you are petite like me and can pull all these amazing outfits gives me hope. Haha. This dress is absolutely amazing and I would love to have it. Question though. I keep seeing you mention your online store, is it launched yet or not? If yes, could you post the link? Thanks in advance! xoxo

  73. So pretty for spring!

  74. Where can I buy this dress?!

  75. When will this amazing dress be available? :)

  76. Jezebel says:

    Dulce, Will this dress be up when the site is back up? And how much will it cost? I want it for my graduacion, june 13th. :)

  77. You look gorgeous – love that dress!

  78. julie Drozdov says:

    where can i get this dress?

  79. I WANT!♥