What I wore:
American Rag tank
Target printed shorts (Get them here!)
Calvin Klein cross body bag (can be found here)
Aldo heels
River Island watch
H&M brown cuff


  1. Love the fun shorts! (:



  2. Paty Zeal says:

    Greetings from Brazil!

    I’m your big fan and I check your blog everyday!
    Keep posting :)

  3. Love these colors, so summery :)
    Something about you looks different to me recently.

  4. Amazing u look so pretty..

  5. Did you get a boob job?

  6. love those fun, bold shorts!


  7. Love your posts and outfits :)


  8. vanessa says:

    Me encanta

  9. These beautiful your shoes…

  10. Lansky says:

    I love the outfit. I have the same sandal as you :D x

  11. Love the bag, shoes, and cuff!


  12. Love love love the shorts!

  13. Aleboo says:

    Omg your boobs!!!!

    Your cray cray girl

    Don’t hide them

  14. CottonCandyINK says:

    super cute shorts dulce!


  15. I love your heels!

  16. The shorts are so fun, love all the colors!

  17. super cute! love it!

  18. Beautiful!

  19. looks really nice and comfy!!!
    I love the shoes!!!


  20. you look fantastic! everything in this outfit is great! :D

  21. love the shorts! by the way love your haul from youtube, amazing pieces!



  22. I love this outfit!! :)

    xx, The Cabinet Of Fashion blogi

  23. i wish i coukld wear heels :(
    I always trip lol


  24. Woww your boobs are HUGE!!!! Too big for your frame :(

  25. Erica Rachel says:

    Love this outfit! Very bright and springy! :)

  26. Hello Dulce, as usual, I enjoy your website (even though I am not into fashion AT ALL) (that must really mean you do a great GREAT job! Anyway, one thing we do have in common, it seems that you don’t show your butt often or you leave your shirt tucked out in the back…. ME TOO! I have such a big complex with my “flat” butt….I don’t know why you don’t show your butt if you are obviously very well proportioned! This is all in complimenting you, not to offend, but to compliment! Congratulations on your success! Yeah, I may not like fashion at all but I certainly enjoy your vids and your page. Luv your DIY proyects! Keep up the good work!

  27. Leontine says:

    which nailpolish are you wearing? it’s stunning!

  28. Vanessa says:

    omg you so awesome *-*
    i love your blogposts and mabe you can checkout mine ((:
    i am a german girl so my english isnt very nice .. :D

  29. Such a cute outfit :-)

    x For Happy Days

  30. This is such a cute and simple outfit! It looks very good on you!

  31. fresh look!


  32. Cute look from spring time,
    love it .. kisses *–*

  33. OMG you got your boobs done! I can tell that you used to be a little bit flat, looking at older pictures. Look great though

  34. Hey dulce! Love the outfit! You look so beautiufl. Your shorts are so cute!!

    Please dont forget to check out my Fashion blog for more reviews, outfit of the day and much much more.

    tooba786.blogspot.co.uk – A girls guide, to health beauty & fashion.

  35. Love your heels, top, shorts and…especially handbag :)))

  36. I can’t believe in LA is so good!!! i was there a couple of month ago and it was raining and cold :((
    Love the crazy short you can do so many things with them you can go crazy lol
    love the outfit dulce Take care :)


  37. Some people are so rude!!! Why would you think it is okay to comment on someone’s chest or weight? You wouldn’t say that to someone face to face. Ugh, those comments repulsed me, and they’re not even about me. Dulce, you’re gorgeous and one of the best at what you do. Keep it up girl! Xoxoxo

  38. Hi Dulce, i love the way this outfit look together :) and i love so much the shorts , look good on you :)

  39. I love your outfit! You make everything look so flawless!


  40. The short is so adorable.

  41. i love those shoes! always love your outfit posts <33

    lots of love,


  42. Beautiful shoes :)You look beautiful

  43. You can really pull off that short! I love the look! Wish we had beautifl weather so I could wear something short like my new asymmetrical skirt.

  44. Love it can you please do a tutorial on your hairstyl I’ve seen all of yout videos and cannot find one like this please and thanks you’re a gorgeous latina!!!

  45. Your outfit is so gorgeous! Love the shorts!

  46. Love the printed shorts

  47. Wow! All of those colours look so fresh and gorgeous together!

    I have been really drawn to bright colours recently, but the weather in England is more Wintery than Spring like at the moment so have turned back to neutrals and warm colours…can’t wait for Spring to arrive properly so I can invest in some bright and interesting colours!

    Ginger x

  48. Love your shorts,so cool for summer.

  49. I love the top :)

  50. Susanne says:

    What lipstick are you wearing? It’s amazing!!

  51. Normally I stray from the uber trendy but I’m really loving those shorts!

  52. Silvia says:

    Love your blog and outfits.

  53. asalia says:

    I love it! amazing!! :*


  54. Great shorts ! You’re so amazing !

  55. I Love your blog! so inspiring that I made my own :) silje-ytterg.blogspot.com

  56. Love this outfit! Dulce, you should post a picture of something you’ve made yourself :) we’d all love to see your beautiful designs! I hope it isn’t your last year at FIDM! Im attending this next fall and hopefully we could bump into each other one day! Love your Blog so much! I check it daily :)

    Check out my fashion blog:


    If you like this website you’ll really enjoy mine as well ;)

  57. Adorable.

  58. Lauren says:

    people! instead of instantly accusing Dulce of a boob job, haven’t you ever thought that maybe they grew after her having a baby?! I went from a B to a DD after having 2 kids. And even if she did get them done, it’s her body and she looks amazing! Love this outfit Dulce ignore the rude people :)

  59. great shoes!!

  60. I loved your watch and your shorts! They are so beautiful.
    Mitchie♥ cottoncandymakeup.blogspot.com

  61. The reason why she was “sick”, was that she was recovering from her boob job. And to those who say her boobs got bigger after having a baby…maybe so if they weren’t still smaller after she had her baby :/ Now she’s feeling better because she now feels more like a woman. She seems more confident in her videos now that she’s got them done. If it isn’t a boob job,she’s got on one of those bras from VS where they make you look 2 cups bigger. A boob job is nothing to be ashamed about. AndreasChoice on YouTube has one and she’s very upfront about it and that’s to be respected. Maybe it isn’t anyone’s biz what she does to her body but expect whispers and gossip when there’s that much of a difference in the pictures.

    People,please refrain from saying people are jealous or haters just because they aren’t delusional young teens who like to type in all caps, fawning over anything a guru does. There are people who can see beyond the smoke and mirrors.

  62. Really a cute pair of colorful shorts! Love ‘em! http://www.goldielondon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/diy-chain-collar.html

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