Outfit of the Day: Clear

What I wore:
Old Navy shirt
Bebe jeans
Shoes will be sold in my online store launching in 2 days!
Michael Kors silver watch
HRH Collection chain bracelet
H&M necklace


  1. Very interesting outfit. Love the jeans and clutch!

  2. LOve it the pants fit you so welll :)

  3. I love your outfit :)!

  4. I love your outfit! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  5. I love it!! Looks good match. :)

  6. Dominika says:

    love it! you are adorable! :)


  7. Beautiful look *-*

  8. great necklace – love it paired with the bright blue pants!

    fashionable footprints

  9. Please make a video about how you make a bun in your hair! :D

  10. Your outfits are always sooo fab. I get inspiration from you. xoxo


  11. Wow the colour of your pants is amazing! It totally stands out. Great outfit!
    xo Jo

  12. This is gorgeous!
    I love the necklace too.
    I have a pair of jeans like this and I never know how to style them so this has helped a lot:)

    Makeup for Biochemists


  13. uuuuhh love it!

  14. Loving the shoes definitely want to get them!

    Stay fab,


  15. I Love the pants those are so in!!! I love the shoes too… But just not with that shirt sorry.. just saying

  16. The outfit is amazing, love it!! ♥

  17. i love your jeans! ♥

  18. Wow, amazing combo! The color of the pants is so pretty!
    xoxo, Joana

  19. Love the necklace and the shoes! You look amazing!

  20. sieht super schön aus!!! :)

  21. Morgan Brooks says:

    SUCH a cute outfit. Loving the pants. fabulous touch!
    I would love to add to your wardrobe, so you should stop by & enter my $50 Forever 21 giveaway!
    Morgan Germenis

  22. Hellochrissslee says:

    love the shoes and the bright blue pants! pretty!


  23. Nice outfit, though I must admit that you look so short in those jeans. How tall are you? I adore your combinations, but generally they would perfectly fit some other taller girl. No offense. xoxo

  24. This blue does justice for you!
    You always had great outfits, but I have been loving your outfits more!
    Cant wait for your store to open!

    Love from Canada!

  25. I feel like the shoes dnt go well with the outfit maybe some flats would have looked better

  26. From Denmark says:

    Hi dulce!

    First of all, i looooove yout blog! I live en Denmark (a small country in Europe), but I check your blog every day!

    I have a question for you: Is it possible for you to use products and show off clothes, that is available to buy outside USA? Because all the sites, that I have visited, it is not possible for us ind Europe :((
    Hope that you will consider that for all of us, that love your style outside the states! :)

    You are opening a online shop, maybe you should think about to make european (danish) consumers too? :)

    Sorry for my bad english

    N from Denmark – Copenhagen

  27. love those shoes


  28. Love all the sneak peaks we’re getting of your store inventory… it’s going to be amazing!

  29. OMG! loved it ^^

  30. Cute outfit Dulce! I LOVE it all! Please check out my blog if you get a chance. ;)

    A Fashion, Beauty, and Mommy Blog

  31. I love the jeans and the top. I’ve been looking for a denim type of shirt.

  32. love it!! te sigo hace mucho, cada día estás más linda!

  33. I absolutely adore those shoes!! They look great with the electric teal jeans

  34. everything is beautiful ! love your jeans, and i follow you : D

  35. Iove the jeans and the shoes are really cute too!! but truly dont like how this outfit was put together i would of wear this jeans with some other blouse not that one…just saying ;)

  36. You’re so beautiful ! Look amazing !
    I love colours on your outfit. :)

  37. Very beautiful outfit! You look so pretty. I love the colour of the jeans :)

  38. Please check this blog, you’re gonna luv it!

  39. Perfect look.. i love it :)

  40. i like how you make the color combination ! the necklace and the clutch are amazing:D

  41. love the outfit, but don’t like the background. its a little disturbing…

  42. how long ago did you get the shirt just tried to find it on old navy and couldn’t find it and i’v been looking for a shirt like this for awhile

  43. This statement necklace is so gorgeous and Love these colors together.

  44. whats the name of yooru online store

  45. Like this look!)

    Natalia, http://my-crazy-idea.blogspot.com

  46. hi dulce you look gorgeous.how did you loose all the baby weight after you had your baby?

  47. ShortiiSweet says:

    I actually adore this outfit. its something i would really wear. but yu know whats crazy those shoes were out in 04″. like i was watching season 2 of top model and i saw these shoes. So there really is nothing new out there. but i love them and im def gonna get a pair