Visit to the 1600′s

Baroque print and leather are quite trendy this fall season, so I decided to wear them together yesterday morning. The blazer is from H&M which I purchased over a year ago. I loved it because the print was regal and the fit was phenomenal. This blazer screams out drama for the obvious reason that the print is loud and artistic. I wore all black and accessorized with gold. Why it hung in my closet for so long with the tags on, I have no idea. Trends always circulate, so I never worry about purchasing a trendy item because I know it’ll come back in style again.
Now, let’s talk about this peplum top. It’s a new item that was just added to DulceCandyXO yesterday afternoon and it’s selling out faster than a formula 1 race car. I’m so excited you guys love it! The cool thing about this shirt is that it has an asymmetrical hem line so if you’re not a big fan of exposing your booty, this is the perfect cut. It’s also flattering because not only is it “fitted” but it flares out which creates the appearance of a smaller waist and it extenuates your hips if you’re lacking in that area like me.
Rock My Look!
The Wendy Peplum Top- DulceCandyXO
Black tights/leggings- TJ MAxx
Cabas Chyc Large leather tote- Yves Saint Laurent (Early Christmas gift from my husband)
Darlene Cuff- Tory Burch
Necklace- Kate Spade
Blazer- Old H&M (similar style can be found here)
Shoes- (might be sold on my website soon)
Lipstick- CK One “Velvet” (similar color can be found here)
Nail polish- Essie “STYLENOMICS” (my favorite fall polish that was featured in my “I Love Fall Tag!”)