New video!


  1. LOVEEE this video, such great products. I def wanna get that hair spray. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I was going to buy Queen Helene a while ago but it has quite a few chemicals. The Boots clay mask is under $10 and has no such chemicals and works really well. So does the Aztec Indian Healing Clay which is about $5 online for a big tub of pure clay . Love the video and Cetaphil actually saved my skin when I found out I had eczema. I have had no outbreaks since I started using it!

  3. Hi! i have to admit that you always make me laugh, and my husband is in the next room asking me what am i watching while i have so much good time. Honestly please never stop being so real! Your advices, your looks, your daily life are always very interesting. Now a moment of true: as you propably know here in greece things are awful, and i actually might be without work during christmas time. People are so depressed and lonely. I try not to be as i am recently married and very happy. But i think that an extra help comes from the blogs (apart from a pschycology support) and that includes yours. I wish you the best! kisses Angeliki from Athens

  4. Hey Dulce,

    I loved this video! I am definetely going to have to go and find the babyhair gel! What is the brand for it? Also, where did you get your light branches in the background on your desk? I love that idea for decoration!!