Getting Ready in the Morning


  1. In my opinion you use way to many products, you don’t need all of these.
    You’re young, you’re natural beauty is better.
    Styling your hair everyday will damage them.

  2. Wow!! I’m in love with this video, you had such a great idea, congratulations!! You are incredible gorgeous!!
    Greetings from Brazil ;-)

  3. No way she takes 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. NO WAY. (referring to a previous video where she said she takes 30 minutes to get ready in the morning)

  4. what straightener, shampoo and conditioner do you use??? Do you use other hair products as well? Please reply!

  5. I love all your videos and your blog; I’ve followed them for years, I wish my life could be more like yours, haha.
    What were you using on your hair?! That thing looks like it’s the bomb dot com!
    I will say though that I liked it better when you tended to use products that were a bit, well, cheaper. You’ve always had nice makeup but I’ve noticed more and more expensive products being used and they’re lovely but hard to recreate for a college student, yknow? :)

    Best wishes!

  6. Omg what was that curling/ straightener? It looks awesome I want it! Please reply

  7. I love this video so much, you look so beautiful.. with make up and also without it! And nice necklace!! ♥

  8. OMG! Love your video! Very well made! Love the straightener btw, it looks so unusually!

  9. I love your hair !
    So gorgeous, and i love your style !
    Best wishes from sweden !

  10. I would LOVE to know what styling iron that was you use on your hair!!! NICE!

  11. Arianna Gallo says:

    I love watching your video *_*


  12. Why would you do a viseo with your sister? It would be that interesting)))))

  13. What is that hot tool you are using?? :)

  14. To be honest:
    This is tooooo much make up you use…
    I mean…it’s a day make up & it looks like a party make up.
    I even don’t use that much when I go out.
    Sometimes less is more………

    And your skin is perfect anyway…you don’t need make up.

  15. please tell us what the hair tool is and where to find it!!, love the video, you are an inspiration!!

  16. Hey love the way you styled your hair. Which is the curling iron you used.

  17. Looking fab! But pleaseeee tell us about the styling tool you used! It looks amazing

  18. Katarína says:

    This is your best video!!!

  19. What was that straightener? Please, tell me :) You are amazing! :)

  20. Loved the video! Is it possible, if you can list all the products you used for this video?