Party Ready.

Rock My Look!
Arm Amored Jacket- DulceCandyXO (We are now offering great rates on int’l shipping and 30 % off with code “30%OFF”)
Skin tight black dress: American Apparel (similar and affordable version here)
Black heels: Zara (obsessed with these here, they’re on my wish list!)
Black glitzy clutch: H&M
Pendant necklace: Kate Spade


  1. omg, you look amazing. soo in love with that jacket!

    fashionable footprints

  2. you are so beautiful <3

  3. I love your style:)))

  4. the jacket is absolutely fabulous!!!

  5. so beautifull

  6. Loveeeee the look its so CHIC, you look great!


  7. Awesome jacket!!

  8. Very sexy and cool, but the best added an edgy note :-) love it

  9. wow! just love the blazer! cute outfit!


  10. fashionbug says:

    totally preggers!

  11. Stunning! Love the outfit :)

  12. so beautiful <3

  13. Amazing outfit…love love the jacket!!!

  14. the jacket is simply amazing :)

  15. Incredible studded look!
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  16. Where are you supposed to enter the discount code??

  17. Always beautiful! I hope your visit in my blog. ;)

  18. Love, love, love this outfit!
    Gaw where do I start?!
    The blazer is absolutely amazing and I NEED those shoes!

    XX Brytani Sierra

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  19. Great outfit! Love the Zara heels!!

    xo – Sheila

  20. Waw…very beautiful and sexi outfit….

  21. WOW tis jacket is incredible! This has a very Kim Kardashian feel like here

  22. Beautiful as ever, i loved the shoes a lot.:))

  23. Amaaazing outfit!! I love this so much!! You look stunning!:)

    Kisses, Meri

  24. Hun, you’re cute and all but perhaps its time to invest some money and time into finding a good tailor. Most times than some, you’re outfits are a bit ill fitted.

  25. you are looking too cute :)

  26. Arianna Gallo says:

    Love your style Dulce!!!


  27. Your look rocks and this jacket is worth dying for…
    Just Awesome…

  28. gorgeous.

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  30. love it

  31. Where do you enter the discount code?

  32. Love how you paired the jacket!


  33. possibly my favorite outfit yet!
    incredible jacket and those shoes!!
    shall deffos pick them up from zara


  34. I love the jacket and the dress looks sooo nice, surprised American Apparel isn’t sold out yet, definitely getting it in black! love coming here for inspiration Dulce:) Your hubby takes amazing pictures!

    Ps. your body is cray-cray ;)

  35. how about the other necklace? where is it from? i really want that!!!

  36. That jacket is amazinggg!! You look awesome! Love your style!

    Styled By The Moon

  37. This Jacket so kills!!!!! Love it!

  38. You have such a unique style I absolutely love it! Could you check out my blog since I’m a newbie would love to hear your views on it :)

  39. That blazer is amazing !

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  40. Love your jacket!!It’s great!!

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  41. You are so beautiful :) Nice dres and heels :) I follow you :)
    Invite you to our blog
    Kisses :)

  42. Dulce your collection is amazing.

  43. wow, I can not belive that I did not find out about your blog sooner! It is awesome, you have a new follower!
    Love, T .<3

  44. the best legs ever <3

  45. I Love Your Designs. Thank You :)

  46. Great look, love it!