Visit to the 1600′s

Baroque print and leather are quite trendy this fall season, so I decided to wear them together yesterday morning. The blazer is from H&M which I purchased over a year ago. I loved it because the print was regal and the fit was phenomenal. This blazer screams out drama for the obvious reason that the print is loud and artistic. I wore all black and accessorized with gold. Why it hung in my closet for so long with the tags on, I have no idea. Trends always circulate, so I never worry about purchasing a trendy item because I know it’ll come back in style again.
Now, let’s talk about this peplum top. It’s a new item that was just added to DulceCandyXO yesterday afternoon and it’s selling out faster than a formula 1 race car. I’m so excited you guys love it! The cool thing about this shirt is that it has an asymmetrical hem line so if you’re not a big fan of exposing your booty, this is the perfect cut. It’s also flattering because not only is it “fitted” but it flares out which creates the appearance of a smaller waist and it extenuates your hips if you’re lacking in that area like me.
Rock My Look!
The Wendy Peplum Top- DulceCandyXO
Black tights/leggings- TJ MAxx
Cabas Chyc Large leather tote- Yves Saint Laurent (Early Christmas gift from my husband)
Darlene Cuff- Tory Burch
Necklace- Kate Spade
Blazer- Old H&M (similar style can be found here)
Shoes- (might be sold on my website soon)
Lipstick- CK One “Velvet” (similar color can be found here)
Nail polish- Essie “STYLENOMICS” (my favorite fall polish that was featured in my “I Love Fall Tag!”)


  1. I love the jacket pattern!

    check out my last fall-inspired outfit:

    check out my post on falls favorite trend: orange!

  2. llllllooove your style, and your blog :)))


  3. Love this outfit! It is classy..

  4. And woow congrats with that gorgeous pre-christmas gift!

  5. Love it! Lovely bag, I’m loving the blue one and purple one!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  6. i really like this outfit. The Peplum is very cool and i like your blazer(: Your shoes are very chic:*

  7. the shoes are just amazing..the details, the heel…everything…just perfect! cute outfit!


  8. Great look, I love these kind of tops, they are great for almost every body shape. The shoes are goreous!!

    <3 Val

  9. I looove the shoe
    And the blazer ^_^

  10. I fell in love with your shoes, they’re absolute amazing and and and…I have no more words :P Can’t wait to see them in your webshop!
    Xoxo Renee

    You look gorgeous, dear! Love it! ^^
    That jacket is amazing! :D

    Big kiss,

  12. Your looks are getting a bit edgier…I like!! Think without the blazer it looks better though, cuz too matchy the shoes and the armcandy!!

  13. An “early christmas gift” for 1750 $ ? I wish I could have that too.

  14. I adore the jacket! The patter is astonishing. The bracelet is gorgeous too

  15. That blazer is GORGEOUS! and it looks perfect with the peplum top!

  16. You look great! This peplum top is great and blazer, too. :)

  17. Love this outfit! Great look for Fall! :)

  18. I love this outfit.Its stunning!

  19. I love this outfit! You look great and your nails are really cute too!! :)

  20. my eyes are all over you, in love.

  21. I love this look girl! So gorgeous! That peplum top is just….WOW!

  22. Nice shoes

  23. wooow I just lovelovelove this outfit, it’s just perfect!! You just gave me a lot of inspiration! :))

    Kisses, Meri

  24. I just love this whole outfit!

  25. Uh I like this outfit and I love your hair <3


  26. One of your best looks I’ve seen this season!

  27. I want that peplum and that bag OMG! Such a classic piece I absolutely love YSL!

  28. lookin stunnin as usual!
    love the leather peplum top!


  29. Love the shoes!!! Where can we find them?

  30. This jacket looks amazing on you! Love the bronze and gold prints that have appearing for this season!

  31. Dulce dear you look fantastic!

    Huge hugs

  32. Classic! Cute!!

  33. I’m going to be honest…and I am not trying to rude what so ever! This is just my personal opinion and experience. I love Dulce’s videos and style…I’m a huge fan of her work and started watching her videos ever since she started couple years ago….BUT…a couple days ago I received this peplum shirt and I was so excited for it because the first time I saw it on her blog I fell in love with it and I knew I immediately had to purchase it….but when I received it I was shocked, the quality is just not as good as it seems in the pictures. Especially for the original price…even though I got the 30% off discount because I used the code she gave out on her twitter. I was so dissappointed, I was expecting more from her or at least a better quality, it looks and feels so cheap. And I ordered a MEDIUM and I’m a SMALL but since every texture is different might as well be sure about it..but I was scared it was going to rip when I tried it on. My point is that please be sure before you purchase because trust me is not as good as it looks in the picture. And another thing, the brand that it says on the tag of the shirt I googled it and some of the jewerly and other pieces of clothing I found and their not even retailng for the prices she is selling it for! I’m just disappointed with this and as much as I love Dulce and her work I will not purchase from her clothing store especially for the pricess since I have googled the brand and seen similar styles and for cheaper! Sorry….

  34. Where can I get her top! Its sold out on her website :(