Feeling Blue.

*Cough* I know these images might not look like I’m deathly ill but trust me, I sure feel like I am. I caught a cold yesterday morning and I was seriously trying to do everything within my power not to get sick for the sake of my son. I took Emergen-C, drank a tea for the flu, drank almost 2 gallons of water, and took Zicam, nothing worked! I’ts almost 10 PM right now and I have a tremendous headache, my nose is runny, and I have a cough! And to make things worse my husband is sick too.
Anyway, I thankfully got some energy around 2 PM because I had to go place and order for a sweet 16 cake for February. So I decided to wear our new deep blue jacket from DulceCandyXO that I’m totally OBSESSED with. I paired it with a simple white top and these jeans that fit like a glove from the little girls department at Macy’s. Being 4’9” I have to always tailor my jeans either professionally or my self (depending on the fabric). With these I don’t have to so a single thing but slip them on. Aren’t they adorable? I also picked up a few neons.
Rock My Look:
Blue Moon Jacket: DulceCandyXO (New Arrival)
White top: Loft (similar style here)
Jeans: Macy’s
Shoes: H&M (The ones I hauled from Paris)
Bag: Celine Minni Luggage
Necklace: J.Crew (similar style here)