Black and Gold

Rock My Look:
The Julia Dress -DulceCandyXO
Steve Madden Heels
Black Mineral ring- DulceCandyXO (the black is SOLD OUT but there are more great colors available here)
Chanel handbag (I bought my baby is Paris but I found an authentic and per-owned one here)


Rock My Look:
Zada Black and Gold Cardigan – DulceCandyXO
Gold Cross Necklace- DulceCandyXO
Asymmetrical Black Tank Top- DulceCandyXO
Yves Saint Laurent Cabbas Chyc Leather Shopper
Zara booties (Similar style here)
Love Culture metallic pants (Similar and affordable style here)
Pendant necklace- Express
Invicta Angel watch
Headband with gold beads- Target (Goody)


Rock My Look:
Zada Black and Gold Cardigan DulceCandyXO
Forever 21 animal print blouse
Zara shorts
Old Navy wedge booties
Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Large leather shopper
Target gold bangles (Love these too!)
Express pendant


  1. Great look Dulce! I love that dress on you!

    xo – Sheila

  2. You are a DOLL & look absolutely stunning in the DulceCandyXO dress.


  3. I love the first super rock princess look!
    Check out my newest outfit post:

  4. You look gorgeous.. as always..<3

  5. DULCE! these outfits are stunning. that tulle dress is absolutely amazing!

  6. You look stunning in every look…love them all!

  7. My favorite is the first one by far! you look like a dark princess or something! :) love your style and vids and everything! haha been following u since you were sitting in your closet! :) xx

  8. Carla Rodríguez says:

    Hey, Dulce! I have to say that I LOVE these outfits (I’m really into black&gold for Xmas events) and all the tutorials you do. You have really inspired me to design and get into the fashion world so thank you for doing what you do. Kisses from Spain!!! XO – Carla

  9. wow! love all the outfits, especially the first one, the dress is amazing!


  10. I love your outfits! <3

  11. Love all outfits!! Something I would wear.. only without the heels(I can feel the pain already, haha).

  12. Hey Dulce, Love the outfits as usual! I am loving black and gold right now ! just got this bag from monserat de lucca that matches perfectly with these outfits. have you heard of this la based brand before? I love their stuff!

  13. I love the 2nd & 3rd outfit :) ! Really nice. x


  14. Do a hair tut on the first look…Hair is GORG!!!

  15. Gorgeous looks! Perfect for the holidays!

  16. Oooh I love these! The dress is adorable!

  17. I love you! <3 :)

  18. You look absolutely GORGEOUS in that dress ! Its like the perfect party dress !
    And I love the cardigan with the chain, very Chanel inspired !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  19. Great looks!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  20. AMAZING!!!

  21. I just love all of these outfits!You look so stunning! Expecially in the first one you look so glamorous! My absolute favourite is though the third one! I just love this cardigan you’re wearing! :)

  22. nice heels :)

  23. i LOOOOVEE your dress!

  24. omg, you have opened an international shipping at where I can find prices and destinations?

  25. I have a question. Does The Julia Dress (the dress on the forst picture) come in different sizes? Because on culcecandyxo site you can not choose Medium, as an example.. I would be very happy if someone answer my question as soon as possible.. :)
    Thank you, xo

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  27. i love that you put where to get an item and how much it wil cost . I went to old navy to get the wedged booties and paid 10.99 on clearence :)