Feeling Blue.

*Cough* I know these images might not look like I’m deathly ill but trust me, I sure feel like I am. I caught a cold yesterday morning and I was seriously trying to do everything within my power not to get sick for the sake of my son. I took Emergen-C, drank a tea for the flu, drank almost 2 gallons of water, and took Zicam, nothing worked! I’ts almost 10 PM right now and I have a tremendous headache, my nose is runny, and I have a cough! And to make things worse my husband is sick too.
Anyway, I thankfully got some energy around 2 PM because I had to go place and order for a sweet 16 cake for February. So I decided to wear our new deep blue jacket from DulceCandyXO that I’m totally OBSESSED with. I paired it with a simple white top and these jeans that fit like a glove from the little girls department at Macy’s. Being 4’9” I have to always tailor my jeans either professionally or my self (depending on the fabric). With these I don’t have to so a single thing but slip them on. Aren’t they adorable? I also picked up a few neons.
Rock My Look:
Blue Moon Jacket: DulceCandyXO (New Arrival)
White top: Loft (similar style here)
Jeans: Macy’s
Shoes: H&M (The ones I hauled from Paris)
Bag: Celine Minni Luggage
Necklace: J.Crew (similar style here)


  1. Ipthe whole outfit is cute but i just love the shoes! And the bag ugh I dream of those bags

  2. Oh, you’re so pretty. I want to be able to blog and do youtube videos just like you. I’d love you to visit: http://www.fatmavel.blogspot.com. I love your jacket.

  3. Love the Celine bag!! I hope to own one someday!!

  4. Dulce could you do a video on how you tailor your jeans please ? I’m quite short too, and i have a curvy figure so finding jeans that fit my leg and hips perfectly is quite rare. I would love to learn how to tailor my own jeans and I’m more of your subscribers would too !

  5. Cute outfit!

    May you feel fully better soon.

  6. you look so pretty!
    i like it !

  7. You look so pretty, I love your jeans especially :) and hope you will be OK soon! :) To me is helping f.e. ginger tea!


  8. great photos! get better soon :)


  9. Love the jacket and jeans! A beautiful outfit, like always,
    and get better soon :)

  10. this whole outfit is amazing, Dulce!! i’m so sorry you’re not feeling well – hope you and your hubby feel better soon!!

  11. Love the color of the blazer and the statement necklace

  12. Oh God! I love this bag :)

  13. I was so close to purchasing those shoes but the hubz wasn’t the biggest fan! lol very cute!

  14. I love the way the jacket looks with the necklace! :D

  15. I love this bag and those tights…sooo very nice!! you look so pretty!
    i like it !

  16. Love your jeans so much. Can you share the size which you have purchased?

  17. Hey! Your outfit is sooo nice. I <3 it. It sucks that you`re ill. For cough I drink something mom used to prepare me and it works. In a cup you mix one egg yolk + a tablespoon full of sugar + hot milk at the end. You may think is disgusting but it actually tastes great. It deals with the cough and the milk warms your body. Also is important to drink it as hot as possible.

    Take care . XOXO

  18. Wow those jeans are aaaamaaziing. Really, how cool is the print please?! :-) great outfit dulce!
    I hope you’re getting better soon. I am ill too!

    X natasha from germany :-)

  19. Loving the blue look. Suits you and you look amazing. Your so pretty.

  20. you look beautiful!!

  21. Wau, very nice jeans :-)

  22. mariaaurorabeauty says:

    I just bought some similar jeans from free people ladies!!!! the print is adorable!

    here is the link! http://www.freepeople.com/clothes-denim-shop/ditsy-floral-ankle-crop/

  23. You look gorgeous, even though I do think you don’t look as energetic as always, I hope you get well soon! :)
    And I love your outfit as always those jeans are jost amaazing!! :))

    Kisses, Meri

  24. If I were sick and had to run out you would see me in a tracksuit, no makeup and my hair pulled back. You’re so glamorous Dulce! x

  25. Love this color on you. Your statement necklace is beautiful and that handbag is so amazing!


  26. I love that you are so petite. I often feel self conscience about certain outfits because of my height. you should create a blog about do’s and don’s for SKINNY and Petite like yourself.
    That would be awesome :)