IMG_4011 (1)
Rock My Look:
Old Navy Fox Sweater
Matiko laced up boot (I bought them off HauteLook about two years ago)
TJ MAXX Leggings (I own so many of these exact same ones because I can’t live without them!)
Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini M.A.C.’ Shoulder Bag
H&M necklace (new)


  1. Love the boots!

  2. I love you Dulce :) You inspire me to be a better person :)
    Kisses and Happy Holidays :*
    Luv u :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal :)

  3. Cute outfit, love the lighting on these pictures!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  4. okay so i literally put the fox sweater on a set in polyvore not too long ago. i’m obsessed with it!!
    and you are absolutely rocking the look!

  5. I have been seeing that sweater everywhere! I need to buy it already, looks amazing :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup


    Love your outfit!
    you look gorgeous!

  7. Such a cute sweater!

    XO Arezu

  8. that sweater is sooo cute!! and those boots are super sexy. great contrast dulce!!


    Spoonful of Diamonds

  9. i love that necklace!! :-) xxx

  10. Love the length of this fox sweater!

  11. I have that exact sweater! And I styled it the same way! Too cute!!!

  12. I wanna buy that sweater!

  13. Hi,
    I just want to say that i really, truly love your youtube films!
    Anyway, I also like so much animal print or animal sweaters. right now, I’m looking for one with cats, because i’m obsessed with it:)

    have a nice day:)


  14. Love the sweather!
    Nice blog, just discovered it!

  15. the sweater is so cute…love the outfit, perfect for a road trip…


  16. Love the pics…What type of camera do you use? Your pics and videos come out so clear….I need a better camera, right now I have a Canon Powershot…I’ve had it for about 7 years now…thing I need an update…can you help me out? Thanks :)

  17. Your sweater is so cute and what lovely boots you have! You look amazing :)

    Kisses, Meri

  18. Wicked boots. ELL

  19. Fun sweater : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  20. I love when you pose with your hair loose, very lovely. You;’re super cute.

  21. got the sweater last week, apparently last one where I live … now its time to style!

    My first blog will be this weekend I hope featuring this sweater :)

  22. Loving the boots :) that outfit looks great on you!

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  24. I’m loving your boots Dulce and the sweater just looks super comfortable!

  25. Hey Dulce. Love the sweater n love watching your videos. You’re so fun to watch! Merry Christmas!

  26. I am loving this sweater, I have seen it on a few ppl recently. I really need to get me one of these!
    Love the way you styled it, def an outfit I would rock.

  27. OMG the last photo is just WOW!


  28. pretty girl;*

  29. I love your outfits, they´re always so inspiring.
    And that sweater is amazing :)