Mall Look of the Day. 12/23/12

So lets begin. This is obviously not what I wore for either Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but instead I wore this on the 23rd to run my last minute shopping errands. (By the way, hi to all of you awesome girls I met at the T.O. Mall <3). Anyway, I always strive to be 100% comfortable when I'm shopping. That means I love to wear cotton and spandex. Period.Cotton is literally the fabric of my life, and If I ever have the space for it in my back yard, I might just grow the darn thing.
Confession: When I got back from Iraq in 2008 and my husband (who was then my boyfriend) took me to the mall, I wore some pretty ridiculous heels. Yes, I wore HEELS to the mall and almost slipped on the smooth surface and fell flat on my face. Can you imagine how crazy and absurd I would of looked!? I learned my lesson that’s for sure! Fast forward 5 years and I asked my husband what he thought of me wearing heels to the mall and he just said he couldn’t understand why I wore very uncomfortable shoes to a place where one does a lot of walking. I was just trying to look cute for my man after 15 months of being in a military uniform and physical training gear. LOL. But now I wear this.
(This is my little papi, Izek. We always bring either blocks or Jenga pieces so he can stay entertained while we shoot our outfits of the day.)
Rock My Look:
New Forever 21 pastel pink embellished sweater
Cable knit TJ Maxx Leggings (similar style here)
Old Target boots (Similar style from Steve Madden here)
Old scarf from TJ MAXX (similar and affordable style here)
Louis Vuitton Speedy
PicMonkey Collage

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  1. You always look great, love the look…Merry christmas!

  2. Love the studded sweater!
    Check out my holiday look:

  3. Happy Christmas Dulce!!!

  4. you look so amazing !
    i love the bad :)

  5. * bag

  6. amazing look love bag

  7. You look cute! And your little boy too! Adorable :)

  8. I absolutely love your outfit, looks comfy and stylish at the same time! Expecially those leggins are soo pretty and you sweater too it’s so lovely! And Izek is always just so adorable :))!

    Kisses, Meri

  9. You look great!

  10. You are right haha. Someone has to wear comfortable clothing when they go shopping. And what you are wearing is perfect! Love your outfit. And the pictures of your little boy are so cuteee!


  11. Merry Christmas pretty!!
    we love your style

  12. You were in Iraq? wow…I didn´t know that

    my blog:

  13. OMG!! you are so blessed such a cute son you have :)

    I love your sweater too :) looks very comfy

  14. Izek looks so adorable! Love your outfit! hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family!


  15. you look fabulous, Dulce!! it sounds like you had a great Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Izek looks adorable with that bear outfit!!! Love you studdes sweater ;)

    <3 Val

  17. Love your top bun!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  18. i like that studded sweater a lot! the leopard printed scarf made it’s color really pop

  19. you were at the TO mall?! dulce i live right by there! i wouldve loved to meet you! i hope one day you have to have a meet and greet that would be awesome:)

  20. Izek is so cute!! You are gorgeous and I know everyone says you’re so lucky to be so beautiful but honestly you’re so lucky to have such a great husband and child :) You def deserve it! x