Out and About

I tend to have hectic work days through out the week. One way I like to relax and ease my mind is to dress up and head out somewhere nice with my two loves.
Rock My Look:
DulceCandyXO gold jacket, cross necklace and clutch. Zara booties, and TJ Maxx dress
IMG_3652 (1)


  1. Beautiful! You look gorgeous :)


  2. You look stunning!
    The dress are so nice <3

  3. Hair tutorial please!

  4. Yes, heir tutoriaaal! It’s gorgeous!

  5. You`re lookin stunning! I loove you`re hair and makeup, could u do a tutorial of them?<3

  6. As always you look amazing and your son is so cute…love you!!!

  7. I love the whole outfit and Izek is soo cute and big boy already :)


  8. Fashionista….the outfit is supra gorgeous …n u look supa hot

  9. you look amazing!!! i really love your hair…hair tutorial pleeeeeeeease!

  10. Cute look!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  11. Love the lace detail on the dress!!

  12. Who is this cute boy?:)

  13. Aw, your boy looks like he is growing up so fast! I love the booties in this outfit!

    The Weekend Diary

  14. What looks on you the best is definitely your gorgeous smile!

  15. Love!! Nothing completes a look without a smile :)

  16. Hi pretty! You look amazing! Really nice boots and jacket and I have the same dress ; )


  17. Arianna Gallo says:

    Lovely outfit and Izek is beautiful!!!



  18. Would you give some tips on how to hide stretch marks.

  19. what a lovely jacket! works perfectly with that gorgeous dress

  20. I just found your blog and I have to say that I love your fashion sense. It is always to put together and perfect. And I really enjoy seeing someone that is also small and petit showing how to wear some of the things that I see and love but think I can’t wear because of my hight.

    Your son is absolutely adorable as well. My favorite part of the whole pictures, your smile on the picture with your son.

    It might sound like stupid question and I don’t even know if you are answering questions on your blog, because I am new as I said on your site, but do you have someone take the pictures for your blog or do you take the pictures yourself? Because the pictures are always so perfectly centered that I have looked through and I was just wondering how you do it. :)

    Wonderful post and beautiful blog.

    I wish you are wonderful beginning of another pre-Christmas week :)

  21. He is simply adorable ! Love the jacket/blazer !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  22. Dulce,
    I love those shoes! They are the perfect height to keep up with your little one but still look GLAM! I love all your outfits.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kelsey F.

  23. Love the jacket! Keep up the good work!

  24. Dulce,

    Your ‘lil one is adorable! Where did you get those bright skinny jeans he is wearing? I know a very special ‘lil one who wants a pair in red!


  25. Love your outfit…… your lil boy is cute and well dress like you, but would like to know where you got his outfit. I have a little boy and theres always the same clothes from Childrens Place, Gymboree etc. Most of the time i shop for him online from Zara and American Eagle, but would like to change it up once a while. Keep blogging…. =)

  26. Your son is SO adorable! Such a beautiful little family =) I love the peplum. I’ve been meaning to find a new dress.

  27. Could you do a hair tutorial on this hairstyle ? :)
    Btw loooooove your videos and blog ! :D
    and you look stunning ! <3