First Outfit Post of 2013

Alight, so some of you might be expecting a not so casual look for my first OOTD of 2013 but hey, I’m just keeping it real! I wore this outfit to pick up a few items from CVS and to run some other errands I had that afternoon. I finally had a chance to wear my new boots from Aldo that I got for Christmas, I love them! They’re not only comfortable but they don’t make me look like I’m swimming in my boots. I’m sure my short girls understands me.
|Forever 21 pullover (How ADORABLE is it?!)YSL Purse,Aldo Boots,H&M Necklace, Vest Old from a random boutique|

2012 Year in Outfits.

2012 was a crazy year in fashion for me. It’s great to see all of my outfits from last year in one collection. It tells me more about my personal style and I can definitely see my hits and misses. No shame in that. Fashion and style to me is all about experimenting and telling a story of your day with each look. My number one rule is to ALWAYS dress in what makes me happy because that’s honestly all that really matters. And of course, wear everything with confidence and grace. Enjoy the recap!
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