Cabo San Lucas Day 1

Hello from the beautiful Cabo San Lucas!
We finally arrived last night after our 2 1/2 hour trip turned to an 8 1/2 hour one(we almost didn’t make it because we forgot Izeks passport).
We got in, ordered room service, ate, showered and nocked out!
Woke up this morning and ate our delicious breakfast and then we headed out to enjoy our booked activities for the day. We started out four-wheeling for about 2 hours all along the ocean and mountains. Right after we did some horseback riding for about 1 hour. So much fun! If you’re ever in Cabo, I highly recommend these two activities. The only issue I have right now is the busing and soreness in between my legs and thighs!
Later on that evening we came back to our room to shower and get ready for dinner. We also caught the Michael Jackson show which was phenomenal.
Tory Burch flats,BCBG skirt, Target pullover and purse, H&M necklace


  1. You are just adorable! It looks like you and hubby are having a blast :) Love all of you pictures and of course your outfits are perfect.


  2. You look amazing :) I’ve been to Cabo san Lucas in the beginning of September and it was awesome :D
    Which hotel are you staying in? have a great time!!


    Martina <3

  3. Love the pictures! Is so beautiful there! Have fun!

  4. I really enjoyed all of your pictures, I hope to visit Cabo one day.
    Have an amazing vacation!


    Maria =)

  5. wow, what a nice weather! here in spain we are freezing right now… have fun and enjoy it as much as possible!! by the way, thank you sooooo much for your makeup collection video!!

  6. Oh I love aaall that pictures. They are amazing and colorful and you had a beautiful time there. I´m a little bit jealous (but in good) because I know that I will never visit such a beautiful places… But thank you for the pictures…that I could visit them in this way. :)

  7. Beautiful Pictures..:) loved your eye makeup!!!

  8. nice pictures,u both look great together!

  9. Is so beautiful there

  10. You look lovely! And the place looks like paradise <3

  11. Love the outfits! this are amazing ideas for traveling…you look like you had amazing time!


  12. It looks gorgeous out there!!!

  13. You look amazing *.*

  14. hola candy que bien que estes de vacaciones que la pases muy bien yo soy de cabo san lucas y hay mucho lugares padrisimos por vicitar te recomiendo tienen muchas actividades esta padrisimo y que te diviertas y la pases feliz que estes bien y ojala me entiendas pork no ablo ni escribo ingles jejeje byeeee

  15. Love the outfits and the pictures look amazing :)

  16. Nadine ♥ says:

    Wherre did you buy the wonderful pink lipstick? And when did you buy the necklace at H&M?

  17. These pictures are amazing Dulce ! You look so cute !

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  18. Hi !! I´m from portugal and i follow your blog and place at a few time and i really love it!

    you are always super elegant and i really wanna be someone like you in the future!
    Keep Going like you are

    Hugs and kisses by Lau

  19. Gorgeous as always Dulce! I’m thinking of going to Cabo this summer :)

  20. Wow, I really need summer! These photos make me wanna wear my summer dresses.
    Cute outfits and seems like your having a lot of fun :)

  21. great, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ;)

  22. Woah, the place looks so gorgeous! Fab holiday snaps! :D

  23. Love the photos the outfits are so cute x

  24. amazing pics! and that bright pink lipstick looks soo nice! what kind is it?! xo

  25. Hi Dulce,

    What kind of camera do you use? I have been trying to find a new camera and was just curious. I am also looking for a new video camera and love the clarity of yours. I am sure you get this question allllll the time but I really am curious! I currently am a Nikon lover. But I am thinking of selling it and switching over to Canon. If you get a second can you let me know? I would So so appreciate it!! Have a blast the rest of your trip!!


  26. Love the sombrero.hehe Looks like you had fun. The pictures were wonderful.

  27. AAWESOME! such a beautiful place!
    and let me tell you, i absolutely LOVE horseback ridding, haha
    You looked amazing and looks like you had a blast!
    The best for you and your family! XOXO

    ps: love your camera, beautiful pics!

  28. Wow I really want to go there now it looks beautiful! I hope you and your family had a great time.
    And your pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

    Follow me:

  29. Love the pictures and so jealous that you are in Mexico!! :)

  30. Hi Dulce you are probably not going to read this but can you please do a updated what’s in my bag video with your alexander wang rockie or rocco bag. either one works. I am interested in getting one and their are no decent reviews on the bag. Thank you!!!

  31. Joseline Mendoza says:

    Ojalá que te la estés pasando muy bien! México tiene lugares hermosos!
    you look so pretty and got good pics!

  32. Wow! Cabo is beautiful!


  33. Absolutely amazing photos!

  34. glad to see you back in your homeland! your outfits are so cute!
    please work on your grammer. it’s irritating to read so many errors.
    i think my 3rd grade cousin writes and spells better than what you just posted.

  35. Love the colors in the first outfit

  36. Love your outfit! Looks like you’re have a blast. The photos are spectacular! Have a terrific time :)


  37. looks like paradise

  38. wonderful pics! i love your pastel colour sweet!

  39. Looks sooo amazing and beautiful there! I can see you had great time! And lovely outfit you have there going on! ;)
    Kisses, Meri

  40. I love the color palette in your first outfit! Looks like it was kinda cold over there, but regardless you guys look like you had a great time :-)

  41. Where is your son??

  42. Ok.. but where’s Isaac during all this?

  43. Wow, so beautiful pics. The horse you’re riding looks a little sad. Maybe it got tired. :)

  44. Doesn’t anyone notice the emaciated dog in the pictures? Sad :(

  45. love your lipstick! So jealous…making me wish I was back in Belize.

    The Confashional

  46. Dulce the photos afrom the trip are so amazing, but may I ask who took them since it was clear you and your husband were together in the pictures…

  47. check out this channel