Drugstore Makeup and Beauty HAUL

I thought it would be a great idea to post exclusive images to my blog of not only the products I hauled but the items that I didn’t show in the video too. I hope this makes the haul more informative and useful for you guys! If you have any more questions please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer your question! XOXO



  1. No swatched? :(

  2. Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks looks amazing!

  3. I am excited to try out those new L’Oreal stain/ glosses!!!!

  4. Dulce Candy says:

    they’re so creamy!

  5. Dulce Candy says:

    no, not this time.

  6. would be awesome to see the lip colors on you dulce!

  7. ooooh yes!!! excellent idea!

  8. Dulce Candy says:

    I’ll try to have actual swatches if I review a certain collection. :)

  9. Angelina T says:

    Would you compare the color whisperer lipsticks to the revlon lip butters?

  10. love the post! the names of the lipsticks are adorable!



  11. what color are you wearing on your haul video?

  12. You picked up so many cute things, and I’m in love with the quality of your pictures. What camera/lens do you use? :) xoxo

  13. Dulce Candy says:

    @Marlene I was wearing pink pop and shocking coral from the Maybelline Vivids collection

  14. Dulce Candy says:

    thanks, I use a canon 5d Mark II @Christine

  15. Dulce Candy says:

    @ Angelina Yes! They not only have similar shades but the texture is almost identical!

  16. Hi Dulce,
    most of your pics are not visible for me and probalbly some others like for example your may 2010 posts
    where the pics should be are windows from Photobucket saying “this image exceeds bandwidth with too many views. Get pro and get unlimited.” !!??
    maybe you can do somehng agains it.

    Your blog is just fantastic, i live in France and you American girls have a fabulous style

    Happy new year!

  17. Love this blog post! This is soo helpful and informative…keep doing these kind of posts I’m loving them!! :)

  18. love your blog + your videos :)


    Jules ♥

  19. beautiful colours of lipsticks :)

  20. hi dulce!
    i was wondering what the loreal lip products were called? also, if you prefer the maybelline whispers to the loreal caresse lip sticks? thanks! love your haul videos (:

  21. Linda perez says:

    Hey dulce!:) I am really interested in the loreal crayon concealers since I hve the cover girl and reckon photo ready and I love both of them but r they creamy? Or do they tug on the eye? Are they better to conceal under eye circle or blemishes? Thanks for the blogpost

  22. hey Dulce,
    your so pretty and I kinda love your name :D
    which lenses do you use? you have more than one right? :))
    Jules ♥

  23. Everything looks so pretty, especially the bright lipsticks!

  24. Hey Dulce, This is a great collection.

    However, while I’m going through the comments on this page, it’s hard to make out to which comments are your replies are attached. I wish they were threaded. Have you tried Livefyre? It’s a real time commenting WP plugin for sites. A lot of big sites are using it. And, I think it’s free too.

    Have been an avid follower of your blog since past 1 year. Love it :)

  25. Hi, which drug store did you but the maybeline color whisper?

  26. Cherry on Top & Coral Ambition are beautiful!!
    I think I’m gonna try that Revlon concealer!

  27. PLEASE DULCE ANSWER!!! I once read that you were doing the Insanity workout… Does it work??

  28. Everything look pretty x

  29. Hi Dulce,
    I was wondering, which one of the Maybelline Color Whispers would you prefer during the summer and winter? Love all the things you picked up! :)

  30. Dulce, I love watching your blogs, you are an amazing person. I’m glad that you are better, cause honesty I missed you. Thanks for this haul, will be doing some shopping soon ;) thanks again….xoxo

  31. Dulce!!
    I loved the Haul, you seem so hyper in the video:) which is a good thing, you seemed to be soo excited to be filming again after a short break:) Im sure im not the only follower who appreciates your excitement and dedication. Too bad I watched it a day after I went to Target! (went to buy dishwashing detergent and ended up spending 80 bucks on makeup, smh!). Those pictures are beautiful, I know you mentioned the camera you used, but would you mind saying what editing software u used for these? Thank you<3

  32. How did the highlight straighten thing work out?

  33. So many new Maybelline lip products that I must try! Great post. x


  34. Those lipsticks look so lovely!

    The Neon Factor ☠

  35. How fun! You purchase so many neat goodies. Enjoy trying them out!


  36. i really want to try the maybelline colour whisper lipsticks!

  37. This would’ve been even more informative, had you included the swatches…:( Oh well, guess I’ll go buy them myself. Thank you for sharing dulce! Appreciate the photos you did include

  38. hi dulce!!

    i’m glad you’re feeling better

    student pharmacist here so i thought i might point out that the zicam really doesn’t help with preventing a cold, nor does it make the cold go away faster.

    common colds are usually viral so the only thing you can do is treat the symptoms (nyquil, sudafed, etc) until the virus runs its course

    also, you’re hair looks beautiful in this video. i would love to see a tutorial on how you did your hair here

    sending well wishes from the midwest

  39. I love those Whisper colors! Every single one! I hope you feel better love!

  40. Dulce, I really like that you added pictures this time! Swatches would also be helpful but I know that can take a long time. Love your blog and videos!! <3

  41. Wow ! Quality picture is PERFECT I love it :) !! x

  42. Wow beautiful colors! Defiantly buying some of them soon…
    Thnx for the post :)

  43. Great haul! I wish the products will reach our shore fast! Usually all new lines from America reach pretty late. Usually takes like what, 5-6 months? It is quite frustrating to not be able to get my hands on them.

    Anyway, will you do like swatches? that would be interesting!

    Happy new year to you and your family!

    Love from Malaysia!

  44. what is the item called the one that was on the video and was foundation and it look white but then blends in your tone? what is it called?

  45. Loving the maybelline lipsticks, are they also available in europe?

  46. I loved your purchases, I wanted to test some products but I live in France and are still going to take to get here, not by chance know any site where I can buy?

  47. It would be great for you to post a list of he products purchased you go through them super fast. I enjoy your blog however don’t know if you need to share such personal info about your cycle what does that have to do with beauty and fashion?

  48. loved this way to show all the products! :D and i just googled the once i wanted to see swatched.. you, like everybody else, only have 24 hours in a day..

  49. wow the maybelline color whisper looks amazing!
    hope they will be available in holland anytime soon!
    Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  50. Hey Dulce, what are your favorite shades of the maybelline color whispers?

  51. Hi Dulce,

    I was just wondering what is the shade you got in that Almay Smart Shade Makeup?
    We are similar in skin tone and I would really like to try it out.
    Thanks :)

  52. Kimberley says:

    I love the lipsticks by Maybelline. I’ve never tried the neutralizer by Covergirl before, only the ‘light’ shade. It looks so bright on you :-)


  53. Loveeee your hauls ! I’m so trying the Revlon Photo Ready.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  54. I like the long hauls better instead of seeing it on your blog :) and swatches would be nice too xx

  55. I really want to know what you got for christmas from your husband, since you were talking about it in your vlog :)

  56. dulce-

    i would love for you to show us 20′s girls what we can buy from a drugstore for wrinkle prevention! I see them coming around my eyes… must…stop…them! :) but seriously I think I remember you mentioning a cream you use, but a skin care haul or tutorial would be awesome

  57. suly gonzo says:

    Hey! Should make a tutorial with all the makeup you have posted here. That would be interesting. Also, are these all tge products? I dont see the almay product here.

  58. Would you mind doing swatches on the lip products? Thank you

  59. love your haul videos u make my trip to the store much easier well to look for new things cus i want to bring it all home too lol

  60. Dulce, where did you get your sweater and necklace? You look great!

  61. I seriously loved the Maybelline color whisper lipsticks, but as usual they probably won’t come to Sweden for a while. We just got our first Sephora here(!!) and they don’t even have all the brands you have at Sephora in the States.

  62. Can you please do a blogpost about the PF Nude palette?

  63. What type of camera do you use? These pictures came out awesome! Also, what would you say are your favorite colors of each brand that you bought?

  64. Hi Dulce,

    Just wondering what lens are you using for the close-up product photos?
    BTW beautiful bokeh!

  65. Dulce!!! what shade do you wear in the revlon nearly naked foundation! please (: