First Outfit Post of 2013

Alight, so some of you might be expecting a not so casual look for my first OOTD of 2013 but hey, I’m just keeping it real! I wore this outfit to pick up a few items from CVS and to run some other errands I had that afternoon. I finally had a chance to wear my new boots from Aldo that I got for Christmas, I love them! They’re not only comfortable but they don’t make me look like I’m swimming in my boots. I’m sure my short girls understands me.
|Forever 21 pullover (How ADORABLE is it?!)YSL Purse,Aldo Boots,H&M Necklace, Vest Old from a random boutique|


  1. Cute top! I love how a sparkly embellishment can transform an otherwise super casual top! xo

  2. I love, love this! I’ve always wondered what brand that bag was, should have figured it was YSL by the Y on the front! Lovely outfit, hope you had a lovely Christmas Dulce! xxx

  3. love it dulce, happy new year! -xx

  4. I LOVE the purse and necklace! The whole outfit looks very nice. <3

  5. I love your smile !! Your eyes!! awesome ! DULCE Happy New Year :)

  6. Claudia, Poland. says:

    u’re really shining like a diamond! LOVE U AND YOUR STYLE! :*

  7. Nice smile !

    love the necklace x

  8. Uwielbiam cię, jesteś cudowna.
    I’m from Poland I LOVE YOU
    You are perfect;)

  9. I love how fearless your fashion sense is. i am really excited to see what more you come up with in 2013!

  10. Dulce this is super cute!! The top is adorable! Can u do a tutorial for that hair up-do??!! :-):-)

  11. Hi pretty!!!
    Happy new year! You look great
    If you feel like you could visit/follow my blog!

  12. Cute sweater! The boots look great on you!

  13. Love the gilet and bag! Ahhhhh looking lovely as always xx

  14. Cute!

  15. Love your boots!

    The Neon Factor ☠

  16. I love your pullover! Sweethearts are really cute!

  17. I looovee your bag!

  18. I love your flawless skin.:) Gorgeous!!!

  19. Absolutely love this outfit so cute and simple and I j’adore those boots!!

  20. Nesmer2604 says:

    Hi Dulce!:)
    I loooove your videos! :) I have 2 questions for you :) I also wrote to you on youtube, but I follow you on your blog as well :) hihi and I dont know where you actually answer the questions.. so…

    1) I saw in one of your old videos, that you bought airbrush makeup, and you said that you would make a tutorial with it – Can you do that? Because I live in Denmark, and it is very expensive, so I want to know, if it is worth using money on it :)
    2) I loooooooove the clothes you design, do you ship to Europa/Denmark?
    Hope you will answer me :)

  21. Did you get breast implants? If not I’m sorry & honestly not trying to offend, but if you did I think it would be great for a lot of us to hear about your experiense. It may sway us one way or the other. Thanks!

  22. love the sweater and the necklace, they look amazing together! cute outfit!


  23. I love the outfit, I am a short girl and think this would look cute on me :). How do you stay so fit?

  24. that pullover is absolutely ADORABLE and you look amazing in it! i love the way you styled it with that vest. and those boots? just amazing!!

  25. AngelaPoland says:

    I understand you when you said in boot you look like you’re swimming in it. This is the reason why i heat to wear boots at winter. Love your style!

  26. Your sweatshirt is cute and great!
    Nice outfit, you look pretty! :)

  27. Oh I LOVE the hearts on your sweater! So cute!

    Ergo – Blog

  28. love this outfit! i was about to get that top from forever 21 but in the end i left it..wish i got it now!!

  29. I love, love, love your sweater! It looks amazing with that fur vest. This is a perfect outfit!


  30. I saw that sweater today at forever 21 but i couldnt find my size! unfortunate!

  31. I love the mix of sequins and fur! Not overly done so it looks very chic :)

  32. I think you look gorgeous. The outfit is perfect!


  33. Your style is all over the place. It’s all generic and department store created. All those thousands of dollars you spend could be saved for Isaac and his future. But nope. You come out of the army more superficial than ever. So sad.

  34. What’s your opinion on Easy-Lites? Can you make a video based on the product please(: