Outfit of the Day: Deep Red w/ Blush Tone Hues.

Hi there!
Rocking these awesome pants from Zara for the second time this season! YAY! I love the finish and the deep red hue.Don’t yall?
Well, I’ve been MIA because Izek’s 2nd birthday party is this Saturday. I’ve been running around like crazy all over town placing orders, buying things for the party, and meeting with a few vendors. I still have a handful of things to do but I feel so much better now that caterer is booked. That was my biggest worry! I also DIY’ed his birthday invitations and they came out so flippin’ cute! I’ll post them after the party. :)
Anyway, on to other exciting news! I’ll be in CABO all next week on a getaway with my husband and son. I’ve never been there so I’m super excited to just have fun and relax from all this stress. I have an appointment for a spray tan after a work meeting tomorrow and then I’m going to do a little bathing suit shopping. If you guys recommend any places or things to do I would really love to know. So far we have zip lining,a sunset cruise, ATV adventure, and scuba diving booked. XOXO
Rock My Look:
H&M pullover: Bought it a while back and I wore it today with out a shirt underneath and it was itching me like crazy! Ugh.
H&M Necklace
Zara pants: (F/W 12′)
Alexander Wang Duffle
Yves Saint Laurent pumps
Target TimeX watch: This lovely little watch has to be the most adored piece of jewelry that I’ve ever discovered at Target!!
HRH Collection bracelet


  1. Oh men I would love to go shopping with you, you always wear the most awesome garments.

    Lots of love from the Netherlands (Europe)

  2. $895.00 for a purse?! Girl your crazy. Its cute though…
    Hope you have a great time on your get away! My daughters birthday party is on Sunday! :)

    <3 from Indiana…

  3. SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT! i adore your purse!


  4. love this outfit! <3

  5. i loooooooooooooove the heels & bag
    u r soooo pretty ^_^ looove u

  6. Beautyful :)

  7. cute as always :))

  8. Beautiful;
    Love the entire outfit!



  9. Great outfit! Love this beautiful colors!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  10. Love the color scheme!

    Kali Now Living

  11. I just think that the outfit is really PERFECT. I love each and every peace. The bag is sooo cool I would like to have similar because it looks really cute and feminine. The nude pumps are great too I´m going to buy some because they goes with everything. :)


  12. I love the bag and the pants.:)

  13. Lovely!!!! you look great, the target watch is really cute for the price!

    <3 Val

  14. Beautiful Dulce!

  15. So jealous of the Alexander Wang bag!

  16. Love the pants, pretty outfit! Have fun on your trip!
    xo Jo

  17. In love w/ these pants! I really like the nude color for the rest of the look!

  18. Love the colors! And your hair looks gorgeous! Do you have any tutorial? Did you use a curling iron?

  19. Beautiful I love it all!!!!!

  20. Hey Dulce! I’ve been following you since senior year and I’m already a sophomore in college! I love that your style is continually progressing every time I visit your site. You’re such an inspiration to me! Keep up the great work because I can really see your passion with style and make up :) Just stopping by to send some love!

  21. Hey, awesome post, you have great style. Where did you get the iPhone case? Thank you in advance!

  22. Have fun on your vacation girl, you deserve it! You’ll love Cabo:) If you never did it before you should go swimming with dolphins! Such an amazing experience. I went to Cabo few years ago with my husband (boyfriend at the time), we also went on a sunset cruise and the ATV ride, everything was so much fun and so beautiful.. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how beautiful Mexico is lol. Ahh I want to go back !! Hope you share lots of pictures with us!! Have a safe trip ;)

  23. You should def try swimming with the Dolphins in the Marina. There is only one place and it is called Cabo Dolphins. Just google for deals!

  24. Love the pants!

  25. in LOOOOOVE with your bag & sweater AH! x

  26. Elizabeth says:

    hey! :) I’am from La Paz, its near to Cabo , you gonna loved :)! the beachs are soo beautiful ENJOY :)! btw I Love your pants!

  27. You should be ashamed of yourself i’ve ordered a jacket 2 and a half months ago and i tried emailing you several times about it not arriving and you have arrived replied to anyone of my emails. This is so unlike me but you forced me to do this. Shame on you.

  28. I love love that bag. Beautiful.

  29. this outfit looks beautiful!! i love the dark red colour with the nude <3

  30. I really love those shoes and the sweater and the bag and, well, actually the whole outfit. You got an amazing sense of style!

  31. Me encantan esos pantalones! espero que lleguen pronto al Zara Argentina. xxx


  32. For some reason, the pictures aren’t loading for me : ( But I’m sure your outfit looks great ♥

  33. Ok, it was just my stupid web browser (latest version of Firefox on a Windows 7 PC) >_< Now I'm on Safari and can see your pics–beautiful color combo! Enjoy Cabo!

  34. Really cute handbag. I have one in a similar colour. I should bring it out more.

    Happy birthday to Izek!

  35. Sounds so amazing! Diving is seriously so amazing!! The underwater world is soooo beautiful! I’m sure you’ll enjoy! :)
    And you look gorgeous as always! Such a pretty outfit and I absolutely love your curls!:))’

    Kisses, Meri

  36. Nice. Can anyone reading this check out my blog glittered bones.blogspot.com & also, my shop: glitteredbones.bigcartel.com. Thank so much!

  37. I absolutely love the bag. It is big enough for everything you need to carry, but not too big. And matches the shoes perfectly :-)

  38. Love your hair so much!

  39. Amazing outfit. I like that pants and bag. Great weekend.


  40. srebrnaLENTI says:

    You’re so beautiful ;D Awsome legs ;)

  41. srebrnaLENTI says:

    Where you did get necklace from video Getting Ready in the Morning?

  42. Completely in love with this outfit. I’d never put that many similar shades together but it really works! Great style :)

    Beki x

  43. Uuuh Dulce, pretty outfit as always! Where is the lovely i-phone cover from?

    Hugs and Kisses from Austria (Europe)

  44. Ohh I love this outfit ! So nice ♥

  45. Can you do a video on how to match foundation/concealer/powder to your skin tone?

  46. You look stunning as usual! Your jumper is adorable

    Today I wrote my first blog post on my new fashion blog and I would be so happy if anyone read it and maybe followed? http://ox-lana.blogspot.co.uk/


  47. You are a genius, Dulce! As always…. :)

    I’m curious if you would do a tutorial for the hairstyle you created in this video (curls and half up to the side)? I love the way it looks and would like to know how to replicate.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  48. I loveee your hair!!

  49. Great photos! :)

  50. Your outfit is beautiful as always,especially i loved the heels and your hair looks gorgeous too:)



  52. how do you afford a $895 bag?? I know you live in L.A. but damn!

  53. Dear Dulce,

    I know that you are a very bussy girl, bussineswoman, mom, make up guru… but I would like to ask you, even if you can’t directly answer me how or where can I look for a summer dress that could fit well with a pair of shoes like this ones:


    I have a weading in Brasil and I want to find a dress that could suit with those shoes.

    Thank you so much!

  54. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants!!!

    Monica In Heels xoxox

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  56. The bag is very good and beautiful. But I can not afford such a bag till now! :-