Hello and happy Tuesday!
I’m so excited I’ve blogged everyday since Jan 1st. That’s over a week straight of blogging! Let’s see if I can keep that up. I’m actually taking off to San Fransisco on Thursday for a fun filled weekend with Benefit Cosmetics and my first 49nrs game with my husband. So even though I’m going to be busy I’m going to try and get a blog up over the weekend.
Traveling all over the world is one of my New Year resolutions. I’m so thankful I had the blessing of traveling in 2012 but this year I want to take it to the next level and visit every country in my little list that I came up with. Like the book says, “Write it Down, Make it Happen.”

Rock My Look:
Sorbet Tuxedo Blazer: DulceCandyXO
Target Peplum Top (Just bought it yesterday along with a mint,yellow, and a black one.)
Love Culture shorts (From my Black Friday Haul)
Steve Madden Dejavu heels
Target Envelope Purse
Tory Burch Cuff
BCBG Max Azria bow belt
HRH Collection necklace


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  1. Hi Dulce,

    Love the amount of blog posts lately! You should know how hard it is with everything else going on in your life to keep it up, but I hope you can. I know from experience last year, I blogged a new outfit every day for almost the entire year (I missed the last 15 days due to travelling and my wedding, I got so close) But over 300 outfits for the year, I was proud of myself. I have been following you for such a long time, I just wanted to say that you and I share a very similar type of style and if you happen to have Australia on your list of places to visit, I would love to take you guys out to lunch or at least send you a list of must do’s if you come to sunny Queensland.
    I wish you all the best for a prosperous new year xo

  2. love this look… simple stylish and elegant..


  3. This outfit is verryyy spring, i wish it was warm already because once again its way too cold in NYC. that color is stunning on you!

  4. It’s super cold here in San Francisco! Make sure to wear something warm to the niner’s game. Especially if you’re taking your little young one. :) Love you

  5. Oh how i wish i could wear an outfit like that! It’s far too cold here in England! You look stunning as always!

  6. Love the color palette. Those will be the Spring 2013 color trends. Your paired them up very nicely. <3

  7. Love that your outfit compliments your hair color in this. And I also like the hairstyle here! :)

  8. Hey Dulce :)

    i wish me a tutorial about this Hairstyle! :*


  9. Totally awesome *.*

    I love the colors.

    xoxo Lisa

  10. Let me know when you ready to travel to Poland. I go once a year to see my family and I would like to show you around and take care of your stay. Besides my son is in your son’s age as well so that would be just perfect. You are doing great job Dulce!

  11. i love your style! :)

  12. I love the outfit!!

    Please come to Australia!! In sydney!
    Would be great if you could do a meet up here!

  13. I´m in LOOOVE with that blazer

    Hugs from Sweden

  14. You look soo PERFECT :OO <333

  15. You look so adorable in here, everyting from colours, fabrisc and texrures look great here. Such a lovely outfit xoxo

  16. Love this look so much, you look fab in such bright vibrant colours :) Plus your figure is to die for….

  17. love the outfit Dulce!! ;)

  18. It is so refreshing to see such a bright and sweet color in dreary January. Love it!

    Kali Now Living

  19. Love the outfit!!.. and love the color with all the gold accessories.

  20. very pretty outfit :)

  21. You look so beautiful, that salmon color pops out your sking tone beautifuly!!!

    <3 Val

  22. Love the coral color!

  23. Amazing color ! Those shoes, how can you walk? : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  24. I love those heels of yours! Just the other day, I thought that you haven’t worn them for a while, and there you are in this post. hehe funny coincidence!

  25. You look amazing! I like your outfit!

  26. Make sure you’re all 9er’d out for the game :)

  27. DULCE! I live near San Francisco & my sister lives there & am so excited your coming to the area.


    I’m your biggest fan !! LOL…


  28. wow, you look amazing and your heels are so hot!

  29. I wish you were on tumblr, so I could talk to you. You inspire me so much and I would really like to get to know you a bit, you are amazing :)

  30. Yaay! Perfect legs! :)

  31. omg ! amazing outfit ! <3

    unfortunately, i cant afford on such clothes :(

    amazing !!!

  32. You are the best ! go to me ! :*

  33. Love the colors, and that cuff (!!) Makes me miss summer..You always recommend the best books Candy, love it. Have a safe (and fun!) trip;)

  34. New Year’s Resolution post!!!
    Maybe books you’ve been reading post too! :D

    <33 Have fun in SF!

  35. AMO esa pulsera :)

    Gente, pasense por mi blog!! :)

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  37. You are a very pretty girl!!!

  38. Beautiful! If you guys love fashion match it with some beauty tips at

  39. Me encanta como te ves!!
    Yate sigo guapa, sigueme, me encantan tus videos :D

  40. You look really amazin’

  41. Pictures and outfit are amazing. You look gorgeous!

  42. love these colours! Great outfit ;)

  43. very pretty! I want warmer weather!

  44. What size top are you wearing?

  45. Looks gorgeous, I love your style.

  46. I love this outfit, makes me wish it was spring already! You look gorgeous :-)

  47. I don’t know if you will read this comment but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog, and thanks to you I made one recently! You have been the first beauty guru I’ve ever seen on Youtube and you had introduced to all the beauty community! I just wanna that you do an amazing job and that I really really admire you!

    Love from Italy xoxo

  48. Loooove that bright, cheery color combo!


  49. AWESOME!!! The top from Target looks good and not expensive. I will buy one.