Cabo San Lucas Day 2 Adventures

Cabo day two was even more fun than day one! We zip lined, rock climbed, rappelled down, and hiked up canyons all day long! Now it’s time to get some rest because tomorrow we have an early morning swimming with dolphins. Good night!


  1. Wow so great place !!! Lovely pics and funny adventures !!! :)


  2. So beautiful pictures. It looks like you had fun! I love it and I smiled all the time from up to down :) You two are amazing :)

  3. Wauw reminds me when i did slide in Puntarenas Costa Rica. The cables were 200meters high and 600meters large, it was a real adrenaline kick!

  4. wow! that’s so scenic and refreshing!

  5. Looks amazing! Where is Izek? I thought he was with you guys?
    Have fun!!!!

  6. wow looks like a lot of fun!

  7. These pix are amazing <3 it

  8. Amazing trip but where’s the baby?

  9. WOW! That looks like an amazingly fun time! I hope I can do something like that someday :)


  10. Cutest family!! Such energy and love!

  11. Looks like you guys had a blast!! But where is Izek??

  12. I would never do that!! you’re so brave

  13. looks like your having fun with your husband, BUT where is izek??:/

    have fun :) xoxo

  14. Aww you guys look so cute:!!) Well deserved rest for all the work you guys do on the blog, the store and all that! I bet all three of you are having fun! And you still look fab even when zip lining! Not fair lol. I’d love to see a post about how to pick comfortable outfits for trips and activities like that:)

  15. You guys look good together. The place looks like fun!

  16. That looks so fun! I want to try that too haha :) Hope you had a great time, at least it looks like you did! Can’t wait to see pictures from the dolphins tomorrow!


  17. wow, excellent pictures! I just went on a zipline tour a few weeks ago and I regret not taking better pictures of it!

  18. Looks so much fun!!

  19. Elizabeth Mayorga says:

    Dulce your pictures shows us you’ve had so much fun and enjoyed your relaxing vacation in Cabo. I am a big fan and i saw in your instagram photos of your son Izek 1st and 2nd birthday party you were very creative with the DIY favors and such, and i am a mom of a 2 month old baby girl but i would love to get inspired by the DIY party idea that you used, and you might think im way over my head to even be thinking of het 1st birthday but i just want to put a party ideas binder together so im perfectly ready for when it time! So out of this huge paragraph my point being was if you could please upload pictures of the stuff you used and how everything looked at the end, i would really appreciate a video if even possible. PLEASE & THANK YOU.

  20. Some really interesting images, sends me in to day dreaming about what I would love to be doing.

  21. wow that looks so much fun!! I bet you had an amazing time! :) And yey for seeing your hub in the pics too! You guys are such a great couple! :))

    Kisses and enjoy your vacation! :)

  22. How tall are you? :)

  23. You guys are so adventurous! I would have just been laying by the pool and relaxing :-)

  24. Dulce looks like you had a log fun with your family. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I love the pictures. I would like to know what Lens and camera did you use to take those ? Thank you ! Keep bn so sweet

  25. This looks so fun!


  26. Sonia Lee says:

    LOLLL!! Your husband’s tattoo on his upper arm… How much does he regret that.

  27. You two guys look so matching !!!

  28. Mexico sucha an awesome place right?

  29. Dulce, what kind of camera do you have!? The pictures are wonderful! :)

  30. Christine says:

    Same question as Teresa! Would love to know what camera you used for thes pics!

  31. even by doing sports you look fantastic!
    Nice pictures!