L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre DIY

Today I wanted to review the L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre Kit. I recently used the kit on my own hair last week to lighten it up just in time for spring. Since I had a few boxes I also used it on my hair extensions and I used another box on my older sister (she wanted a more subtle look). Below is my DIY video on my YouTube channel so you can actually watch the application process.
Also note that the top layers of my hair where heavily highlighted 5 months before, but you can still see how lighter it got after I used the kit. I left in for a total of 35 minutes but if you want the full effect I would recommend leaving it in for 45 minutes. No longer.

3 ombre

- Price: $12.99 vs. the $160 that I paid last time I got it professionally done.
- Hair looked and felt healthier and more manageable after.
- Easy to apply.
- Easy to mix formula
- The brush was easy to use.
- Full control. You can go from subtle and sexy to bold and edgy.

- I couldn’t really think of any cons because I was overall very pleased. I do wish they offered a larger variety of shades though.

Available in 3 shades

060 Medium to Dark (the one I used)
070 Dark Blonde to Light Brown
080 Light to Medium Blonde

You can purchase it from your local drugstore or online here.

before OMBRE

***Under dark lighting***