DulceCandyXO dress (launching tomorrow), Forever 21 shoes, Target purse, Charlotte Russe necklace



  1. You look FLAWLESS! I adore your look!

  2. Why is the post dated April 24? Today is the 23rd.. Maybe wrong time zone in your blog settings?

  3. woooow :) beautiful :)

  4. Pretty girl :)

  5. Omg!! You look stunning and beautiful. Loooove your dress and the cute sandals :D

  6. Dominika says:
  7. You look nice ! :)

  8. Stunning. Does anyone know if DulceCandyXO ships to London?

  9. You look gorgeous! I love how you wear affordable pieces and make them look so chic.

  10. Cuteeeeee dress ! Amazing shoes : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  11. Tamiii:) says:

    wow… Candyyy you makes me jealous :/ you are beautiful, please give me a piece of your beauty.. thank youu :)

  12. You´re SO BAUTIFUL, my biggest icon ♥

  13. I love your dress! You look amazing as always :) Kiss from Slovakia

  14. That dress is gorgeous!! I love the shoes too, you look stunning :-)

  15. so pretty!

  16. you look so stunning omg! looooove the dress, love the whole outfit!!

  17. Melissa FFF says:

    Lovely dress

  18. Anonymous says:

    The dress is see trough.You look WOW!

  19. That’s such a beautiful dress!

  20. Super cute outfit, love your shoes!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  21. lovely outfit!
    check out the latest giveaway in my blog :)

  22. “Cool post!
    Much love,
    “Really enjoyed this post <3

  23. U are gorgeous! :)
    I love Ur style and makeup of course, every outfit makes me , to say ‘ wow ‘ everytime:)

  24. You are so beautiful!

  25. Pretty!

  26. Totally inlove with the colour!

  27. wow this dress, you look amazing !!

  28. Congrats for the photo shoot!! Really new poses, new body and feelinng expression, so fresh and nice at the same time

  29. wasn’t this dress launching yesterday????

  30. you look amazing!!!!

  31. Tried to find this dress on your store site but its not there…

  32. Anonymous says:

    You look so amazing in this dress !!

  33. amazing dress :)
    You look very charming and classy :)
    kisses :*

  34. the dress is super cute :)


  36. I love this color on you. =)

  37. I adore you!!!!

  38. Love the shoes! I don’t know why I didn’t grab them when I had the chance. The dress is too cute…perfect for spring!!

  39. Hey Dulce! I love how you paired the blush dress with cheetah print…it definitely makes it pop! As always thanks for being an inspiration!

    XO Kelley

  40. I love your sense of style like this look :)

  41. Hi! Your style is amazing!! Love your blog!!!

    I’m obsessed by candy colors!!


  42. Love that purse! You look beautiful, as usual! Can’t wait to see some pictures from your meet-up ;)

  43. ChicTrends says:

    You look absolutely stunning, Dulce! That colour just suits your skin tone so well– we’re jealous!

    Here at ChicTrends we’re absolutely delighted to have found your blog and look forward to reading more! If you’ve got time do visit our site! Best to you!

  44. What a great dress!

  45. You’re just perfect and so beautiful!
    I love your style!!

  46. I love your dress, it’s so gorgeous

  47. it looks fun trip.. i love your blog.. Followed!!