Hey loves! I wanted to share this quick little post from a look I wore yesterday to a meeting. It was a pretty casual meeting but you know how first impressions go so I went with a yellow dress from Target that was easy to style.

Lodis handbag, YSL pumps,Target dress, & Forever 21 earrings


  1. Lovely outfit! I love yellow it’s such a happy color ;)


  2. Love it! Just like all your other outfits! In love with your new hair i’ve been wanting to die my hair for the first time and i love this can you please tell me how you got it done? :)

  3. Adorable outfit! Love yellow color and this dress is so just cute and perfect for summer (wish it was already warm enough here in Estonia for wearing this kind of dresses) :)

  4. A beautiful yellow color

  5. beautiful clothes

  6. Beautiful outfit. Love your cute yellow dress :)


  7. Love it! Where did you get the bracelet?

  8. Did you cut your hair? It looks shorter here… :/

  9. You look great in yellow! Also love the nude handbag and pumps!!

  10. Wow the look….One suggestion though. Kindly post your pictures directly on Facebook instead of the link…That way you get more likes(you can compare your previous posts). I am a big fan and want you to be listed as the best beauty Guru…Best Wishes.

  11. the dress is adorable!

  12. I love the dress and shoes!

  13. Love this look Dulce… you are always put together so beautifully! Yellow is my color for this season…it couldn’t get any better

  14. Your dress is just so warm and just so happy!! Reminds me of summer! <3

  15. OMG! I just loved the dress and you look so pretty wearing yellow!
    The blog looks really cool, loved this new design!

  16. I love the dress and the yellow and nude combo, not the biggest fan of the pointed toe heels just some basic ones I think would look nice

  17. Cutest outfit! Yellow looks great on you!
    And I LOVE the hair!


  18. Lovely dress, really suits your style!

  19. This is such a cute outfit perfect for spring! Wish it would actually warm up in the UK so I could wear something like this!!

  20. blessing of the Lord on this blog!

  21. Love spring outfits! Posted one on my blog actually! :)

  22. Lovely outfit!

  23. Great outfit!

  24. so pretty!

  25. I saw that yellow dress at Target the other day! I love how it looks. xoxo

  26. ooh i love this dress! you’re like jennifer lopez x

  27. Amazing! I want this dress! The model is very beautiful and lovely.

  28. Lovely dress.