Tutorial: Big Wavy Hair

I started doing a new technique to achieve big wavy curls for the past few months and I’ve been getting endless request for a tutorial. I finally filmed one last week so I hope you guys enjoy it. XO


IMG_8828 (1)


  1. I love this tutorial! This hairstyle reminds me of Carrie from the Carrie Diaries! :)

  2. melissa ward says:


  3. Gorgeous!! Such a great tutorial :)


  4. Crystal says:

    I LOVE this !!! I hope you pick your winner soon ! I even showed my boyfriend the curling iron just in case I don’t win and hopefully he buys it for me :) !

  5. you are too gorgeous!!

  6. http://laramakeup90.blogspot.com.es/ says:


  7. Every time I try to go to ur Instagram page it says “could refresh feed”

  8. So gorgeous!

  9. Sandra Lemus says:

    i love it! so much that i watched your video and immediatly went on the website and ordered one. their pretty pricey so i only ordered the 25mm i hope it still looks good or i will be bummed. have you ever used just one size? maybe i can win the other one! alos, i looked for the glove on their website and didnt find it does it already come with it? love all your videos hope to hear from you. xoxo

  10. Great tutorial! I never seem to get my curls with a regular curl iron. Hope I win one of these :) looks easier than the curling iron too!

  11. WOW! This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try this asap. :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like how you used two different curling irons because it makes a lot more sense! I should definitely try that next time! Thanks a ton :D

  13. It looks so pretty. I should try this too :-)



  14. Loved it! I did the ombré effect to my hair via your blogpost and adore it! I’m sure ill love these too!

  15. Looking awesome :)

  16. Gorgeous hair…so much volume! You look so pretty :-)

  17. Gorgeous!

  18. Love the volume! I have a thing for big hair.

  19. Prachtig haar!

  20. Rosemary says:

    Love your hair! Need to get one of these. would love to be selected for the wand giveaway!

  21. So frickin’ pretty – my hair is so thick and long, it doesn’t hold curls :(



  22. Hey, I am an Estonian girl who is very interested in your blog.My sister showed it to me and I just fell in love with it :) Oh, how I would like to get this gift!certainly I´m following Your blog <3 :)

  23. I love you and your blog. You’re my life and fashion inspiration. I’m from Poland. I watch your videos and read your blog since 2010. I wish you will someday visit my blog or reply me on twitter :)


  24. Hi,I’m from Poland. I love your blog. You’re fantastic. I would like to have the same hair like your.!:)
    You are the preetiest women on the world.:*
    Hugs from me.<3

  25. I think big curly hair looks cute on you, and just about anyone! Looks so fun and flirty :)

  26. love you dulce! your just so fashionable and just yourself when you talk in your videos so thank you… its like were talking and just hanging out.

  27. Hi Dulce,

    You look really beautiful with those wavy curls. :) I am sure a lot of ladies would agree with me.


  28. U look beautiful Dulce …just love it!!

  29. Hello Love,
    I just want to thank you for your videos, I am 23 and a wife and mother of a four year old. your make up and hair tutorials help me to learn how to do my make up and hair in a quick but always cute way. For me I am always on the run and I feel I can still feel confident when I leave the house with your help thanks!!!

  30. Omg, omg, omg, you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Breathtaking ;-).

  31. I have naturally wavy hair, and I was looking for info on how to curl/style my hair. I am tired of the way my hair looks, and almost always put it up in a bun, also because I have two little ones. You make it look so easy, I hope to try leaving my hair down and style it with a curling iron. I was looking for a better curling iron/wand than the ones that I have had forever in my bathroom closet.

  32. I love your hair!!!

  33. OMG, your hair…. it’s amazing!!! You’re so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this video with us. I LOVE IT!!!

  34. i love the tutorial!!! amazing!!

  35. You look like Carrie from the Carrie Diaries!! <3


  36. Hey Dulce! I just wanted to request a video if you can do something on what you would wear to an interview with a PR firm? From an outfit, to accessories and makeup and hair?
    Thank you! Big fan of yours!!!

  37. OMG your hair is so thick! I love it. I love curly hair, but my curls only last for an hour lol. That’s how stubborn my hair is.

  38. You look so fantastic!! :)

  39. Hello,

    You look so beautiful in these photos and the hair is lovely!
    What camera do you use to film/take pictures with please?

    Simonè, XO

  40. Dulce, you’re absolutely gorgeous! Never let anyone tell you otherwise x You’re such an inspiration!

  41. Wow you hair looks so pretty! I’m really going to try this! Although I don’t know if I have the patients to do this every time… How much time does this cost you? Also very good tutorial! It’s very clear.

  42. This is amazing. Your hair is so so so beautiful!! And you are absolutely gorgeous!
    Wish I had such amazing hair haha.. Love this tutorial. Such an inspiration, just wow…

  43. Gorgeous Curls!

  44. heey what curling iron do you use for your hair? and where can you buy also in the Netherlands?

  45. Your hair is amazing and I love your style!:D

  46. I love the hair tutorial, but I can not get over how amazing this lipstick is Dulce!

  47. Leorah :) says:

    Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous! Totally gonna try it!
    By the way, I just wanted to say that I greatly admire you for all your many achievements. I love how you have built up this fabulous life for yourself and I hope I can follow your suit. Blessings!

  48. what color is that lipstick? i love it!

  49. Dulce is such a doll! Love this hairstyle on her. Wish I could create this effect on my locks ;(

    PS ladies, check out hbliss.com, FAB monthly gifts delivered to you by your beau, or TO YOU, FROM YOU ;-)

  50. Just wanted to enter the giveaway.
    Been following you for awhile, love your style !

  51. Absolutely love your hair! So fab!

  52. Those tutorials were awesome, now if I could look as good as you.

  53. Ooh seems like heaven! And how great is it to be resting in such amazing hotel with such a view. Good way to reload for another day of coachella! I’m moving to LA in a bit over a year and how I will be able to go in 2 years..

  54. looks like so much fun!!

  55. Great tutorial! I’m gonna recommend this to my cousin. She’s gonna love this for sure.

  56. Jennifer says:

    Great tutorial !

  57. Hair ….just wowww!!!! Love it!!