OOTD: Bright.


Rock my look:
DulceCandyXO skull printed blouse
H&M Skirt and belt
ShoeMint heels (PAINFUL)
Alexander Wang bag
DulceCandyXO bracelet







  1. Beatriz says:

    I love you Dulce!!! This outfit is so… I don´t know the perfect word!!! AMAZING :) I wish you all the luck in your life ♥♥♥ Please a video in Spanids!!! Thanks :)

  2. I love neon in the summer! Looks beautiful and youthful! And the texture on that skirt is to die for!!! Love it Dulce!

  3. Krystal says:

    I love this outfit! :)
    And I have the same exact shirt, I bought mine at a local department store though for only $12 and its my favorite blouse in my wardrobe.
    Amazing look Dulce, keep up the great work :) xo

  4. Omg you are perfff

  5. melissafff says:

    thanks for the honesty on those heels nevertheless they’re amazing and go perfect with this look

  6. I love those shoes! And the colour of thag skirt is absolutely gorgeous.

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  7. Gorgeous, as always!

  8. I love your skirt so much!

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  9. You are such an inspiration!

  10. Dominika says:

    You look adorable.love your skirt :)


  11. too bad the shoes are painful! they look amazing!!

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  12. Totally LOVE this look!! The skirt is beautiful! You look stunning! (:

  13. Love the skirt, its so fun! The shoes are hot (even if they are painful) :-)


  14. Love the skirt and the stud belt! I’ve never seen anyone wear the belt like that with it looped in the back, but I totally get where you were going with the idea, it would’ve been a shame not to show off the studs :) They really tie the whole look together with the bag also, great styling!

  15. beautiful skirt! goes so well with the top
    kw ladies in navy

  16. Natalia says:

    You’re absolutely gorgeous! I love your style!

    - Girl from Finland


  17. Lovely outfit and the skirt is pretty!!

  18. Summer time, summer time )))

  19. very nice:) I love this outfit!

  20. Neon and skulls, I love this :-)

  21. waw ur so cute. loved the sheer+shoes

  22. Dulce, I love your style, you have inspired me to open a blog!! Love this outfit so much!
    So proud of you!


  23. Woah that’s beautiful! The top and the bag look so gorgeous together!

  24. Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous <3 x


  25. One of my favorite looks. Perfection from head to toe. Love it :D


  26. Beautifullll i love your style Dulce!!! :D

  27. Anonymous says:

    great pictures and an amazing outfit. I love it!


  28. I love you style!! siempre preciosa :) Un beso

  29. Great outfit! It’s too bad the heels are painful.. they’re so cute!!

  30. I love the black shirt with skulls.

  31. Super Cute! I love the skirt!

  32. hey really liked the skirt dulce..

  33. Love the green skirt…i need legs like that as well lol!!

  34. Loving the new skirt cut you are rocking. I remember going to the shops and being like.. um.. I think this cut may make me look wide. Definitely going to try this out now!

  35. WOW! :) You are so beautiful.I love your outfits and this green skirts can shine all day.
    It is fantastic :)

  36. love it!

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  37. Love the skirt & top combo. You pull off lime green so well!


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    Xo, Michelle

  38. Hey Dulce, you are gorgeous. I love all of your videos. You look amazing (as always.) Good luck in your career!!!!

  39. Katelin says:

    Love this outfit!! Your style is amazing!!


  40. Hey girl!
    Beautiful outfit! The skirt and the blouse are beautiful!

    Awesome blog :) I just followed you.

    If you can, visit me at http://ladolcemoda7.blogspot.com.ar/ :)

  41. I love the skirt, looks so beautiful. Shoes do look uncomfy though:)

  42. I really love the colour of your skirt!

  43. I love neon! You are soooo beautiful :)))

  44. Jasmine says:

    Hi, Dulce! You look adorable <3 and perfect!!! You are truly an inspiration! You look so good and fit and you have such a gorgeous family! And your fashion sense of style… :X I just adore you! Greetings from Romania.

  45. Omg overalls! lol I havent owned a pair in forever…your son is so cute!

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  46. love you dulce……….

  47. Love the outfit you put up together Dulce! I went shopping today and I was able to find something similar. Absolutely love it! I’m 17 and you are such a major inspiration. Lots and lots of love! xoxo