90′s Flashback

Hello there and Happy Tuesday babes! First of all, SORRY for being gone almost a week from my blog and Youtube. I honestly had one of those “I need a break” moments and decided to take a break from editing and all that jazz. I did still film and take pictures for my blog and channel because I love what I do. I just find the editing process of it all so BORING! Anyway, I posted a little glimpse of this look a few days back on my Instagram, so if you follow me there you’re more likely to get previews of upcoming posts and videos.
I was (and still am) a huge fan of overalls/coveralls since I was a little girl in the 90′s. I surprisingly wore them the most during the early 2000′s in high school. They where the big trend in my 9th and 10th grade year in school. Now they’ve made a huge comeback, especially in Europe. To pull this look off you have to have a very rugged look, like you just rolled out of bed and threw these on. Next time I’ll make sure to have bed hair and a pair of old Converse with a cute but plain snapback to change the look just a tad. I bought mine from Zara because I wanted to make sure I bought a pair that would last me another 10 years.

PS: Also try rocking a bandeau or cropped top underneath for sex appeal!


Rock My Look:
DulceCandyXO Neon Orange Leotard
Zara overalls
Zara heels
Just Fab handbag