90′s Flashback

Hello there and Happy Tuesday babes! First of all, SORRY for being gone almost a week from my blog and Youtube. I honestly had one of those “I need a break” moments and decided to take a break from editing and all that jazz. I did still film and take pictures for my blog and channel because I love what I do. I just find the editing process of it all so BORING! Anyway, I posted a little glimpse of this look a few days back on my Instagram, so if you follow me there you’re more likely to get previews of upcoming posts and videos.
I was (and still am) a huge fan of overalls/coveralls since I was a little girl in the 90′s. I surprisingly wore them the most during the early 2000′s in high school. They where the big trend in my 9th and 10th grade year in school. Now they’ve made a huge comeback, especially in Europe. To pull this look off you have to have a very rugged look, like you just rolled out of bed and threw these on. Next time I’ll make sure to have bed hair and a pair of old Converse with a cute but plain snapback to change the look just a tad. I bought mine from Zara because I wanted to make sure I bought a pair that would last me another 10 years.

PS: Also try rocking a bandeau or cropped top underneath for sex appeal!


Rock My Look:
DulceCandyXO Neon Orange Leotard
Zara overalls
Zara heels
Just Fab handbag












  1. Adorable! I have yet to get into the overall trend, you are giving me some serious inspiration though! Followed you ;)

    Ginger @ Chic by night

  2. I am inlove with your overalls

  3. I love and hate overalls. I just can’t describe why. Rompers on the other hand are my all-time love. Thanks for the post! It does look good the way you styled it. Also, I can understand needing a break. You work so hard!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

    P. S. The new blog design is great.

  4. I love seeing the 90′s coming back! This would look cute as a skinny pant version and with a 90′s crop top! XOXO

  5. Love the overalls on you and like how you styled them. I understand needing a break from blogging, because we all need it sometimes. Hope you have a good night! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  6. I love this outfit so much! Your hair also looks amazing

    Seaside Beauty

  7. Super cute, love overalls!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  8. Wow Wow Wow! One of your best outfits ever!

  9. I love this look, I recently purchased a denim overall. :)


  10. sexi sexi :))))

  11. Love the overalls paired with the heels, definitely a style I would try!


  12. Dominika says:
  13. Yes, wellcome to 90…you are so ‘ORGANIC’ in this look )

  14. I LIKE so much this outfit.you are beautifyl!!!!!!!

  15. I love the 90s comeback! I really like how you styled the overalls and made them your own. That picture with your son is super cute btw :-)


  16. Lovely outfit! I think the heels go very well with the overall! Haha the pic of you and Izek is so cute <3


  17. Your style is AMAZING ! x


  18. Beautiful you, beautiful sandals, beautiful bag!
    … love whole outfit!!!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  19. You look amazing! :) Hope that you will see our blog :)

  20. nice coveralls!

  21. I love this look! I dont think i would pull it off, wish I could! And i nearly bought these shoes today. They are amazing! Love You Dulce! xo

  22. love the shoes!

  23. Hello beautiful, I totally agree with you. Editing is the most tedious part of this experience.

  24. You are beautiful!I love your style!

  25. your son is adorable, soooo cute!
    check out my blog
    ururum.blogspot.com! ;)

  26. magda gdynia says:

    You look perfect! I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan!regards from Poland!kisses!

  27. Love this grownup overall look – great with a tank and strappy sandals!

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  28. Alexandra says:

    I looove these pictures, especially the one with Izek :D

  29. roberta says:

    the orange top has nothing to do with the rest of the look..

  30. Melissa says:

    Dope look

  31. I miss overalls. I don’t have anymore, I used to rock these in middle school hard core! hahaha You make them look sexy!

  32. I adore your overalls!

    xo Jennifer


  33. Brings back memories of the 80′s – “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners

  34. The overall looks awesome. Beautiful photos :D

  35. Love your photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Oh my! I am speechless! You look awesome in you simple get up! I hope I can look like this too :)

  37. I love this look! I especially love your makeup here too! :)

  38. That picture with Izek!!! So adorbsss!

  39. Now overalls, I don’t think there is any clothing item I would be so on the fence with, it’s a love/hate relationship! I do love a good pair of overall shorts, but probably couldn’t pull of wearing full length ones. The shoe combination is interesting however and creates a nice contrast with the laid-back feel of the outfit :).

  40. I have one would love to see yours!!


    follow me on twitter!

  41. Kamilla says:

    I LOOOOOVE your hair !!!!
    Pease do a tutorial ! :D

  42. Pretty! A lot of those overalls are not so flattering, but I really like this piece! You combined it very well too :)

  43. Only you can make overalls look so good! lol.