Immaculate White


Rock My Look:
H&M tank top (similar)
H&M Necklace
Target white denim shorts (similar)
ShoeMint heels (similar)
SoleSociety handbag (Similar)
Lips: MAC’s “RiRi Woo” (similar. Ruby Woo)
Nails: Orly “Grave Mistake” (Haute Red)




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  1. Yummy! You look so MAGNIFICENT in all-white. Perfect match with your tan!


  2. Melissafff says:

    Fab in white

  3. You look really gorgeous in white.:)
    Lovely necklace!!

  4. Love that easy summery look!:)

  5. All white looks great on you, especially on your tanned skin. Lovely look!

  6. Beautiful outfit! You look so tan! :)

  7. This is your most beautiful look ever! :) <3

  8. I like your outfit. You look amazing!;)

  9. I can’t even find the words to say how beautiful you look like! :)

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  11. New Oxnard love says:

    You look amazing candy! Why are you still with that bitch Jesse? Hes not the right man for you! Watch one day you will be mine and you will realize who I am! I will love you and treat you like a queen forever love! I am closer to you than you think. Every time I see you I fall more and more in love with you! I want to tell you who I am so bad I’m just scared that at this moment you will reject me kuz your still with that dumbass retarded ass fuck Jesse! Thanks to that book the secret, I will have you in my arms one day!

    P.S this isn’t one of your old crushes from Oxnard. I will be a new one, even tho you did know me at C.I. We never really talked until now! Love you and hope that’s a good enough clue ;)

  12. Those shoes are amazing! RiRi really suits you :)

  13. You look stunning! I also love your shoes:))x

  14. You look amazing! I love this combination white with red. :) And lipstick? Perfect. :)

  15. The handbag and the outfit are so pretty!

  16. Amazing like always! <3 mwaahhh :D xoxoo

  17. I don’t know if words are enough to describe you! I really love you and your blog! You look divine and I am wishing from the bottom of my heart that I somehow I would look like you :). Just kidding because I know it won’t happen though :(….

  18. This is a very very gorgeous look, I just want to buy everything this very second, I think this matches your type of style perfectly, you look amazing in it Dulce :)

  19. you look angelic in white

  20. Beautiful necklace! And I love your bag, really!

  21. Love the shoes so much! Def. going to look for them here in Holland.

  22. Wow, I love the necklace. *-*

  23. Love your fashion sense. The necklace is gorgeous. The red bag complements the white outfit perfectly. Very pretty.

  24. wow you looking so stunning and your make up is really adorable

  25. Bellissima says:

    like your outfit. You look amazing!

  26. I’ve got that top in other two colors. i love it :))

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  27. white + white = gorgeous!

  28. This outfit totally inspires me to haul a classic red bag. I was thinking the Classic Chanel in Red or maybe one of the new Valentino Rockstud bags. Does anyone have a suggestion on a classic red bag?


  29. I love all white. It looks so fresh and summery. The necklace is divine too!

  30. I love the bag and the lipstick color!

  31. You look incredible in all white! Your skin so perfectly tanned and looks so soft!

  32. Nice, I love. Most people would have worn a black bra, because it is consider a neutral, I prefer and I think it looks better when you wear nude undergarments.

  33. Love this look, I agree about the tanned skin helping out, but really I think the lipstick and the purse are the highlight.

  34. I like your look and especially lipstick )

  35. very classy !

  36. Love the necklace!

  37. Love this white outfit with red bag!

  38. Love this!

  39. Beautiful outfit,beautiful you<3

    you look so amazing in white and that necklace is just fab*_____*

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  40. Wow, you look really beautiful! I love this outfit!

  41. I love the look of the white heels, it’s so fashion forward and it really goes with just about anything! I love how you decided to pair them with an all-white look and the vintage-esque necklace. Nothing like a beautiful statement piece!

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  42. love it!

  43. Lovely outfit, the necklace is awesome!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  44. love all white! so classy

  45. Love this look on you so much. It’s so effortless and you look great. Beautiful handbag!

  46. Wow the “I pink your cute and pink flamingo look the same on your lips but look so different in the tube!!!

  47. this is a great outfit, it looks so fresh <3

  48. Rebecca says:

    loving everything here. . love how everything just comes together xx

  49. nice