Good morning! Wanted to wish you guys a happy 4th of July! I’ll be posting my look tomorrow morning because I still don’t know what I’m wearing today. But anyway, I was lacking in my outfit of the day posts because of my recent trip to New York City. So this is a look I wore over a week ago I believe.
I know a lot of people where wondering about my clip on ‘bangs’. They don’t necessarily match my hair color but I don’t mind that at all. It’s always fun to play around with fake hair because it really gives you a whole new look. I love them. You can find them in pretty much any beauty store that sells hair/extensions/wigs and such.


Rock My Look:
Top: Burlington Coat Factory (My first time in that store in over 4 years and I found a lot of great things!)
Denim shorts: (I don’t even remember where I bought mine but I’m sure we all have a pair of favorite denim shorts inside our closets right?)
Shoes: DailyLook
Handbag: Alexander Wang duffle
Necklace: Vintage
Hair: High-bun using a a large hair donut and then I clipped on bangs.
Makeup: To watch the full on tutorial of this look click here. The video isn’t on my Youtube channel so I’m not sure if some of you watched it yet. (I’ll be making a dedicated post on the look with more pics and info sometime this week.)