Today’s look was centered around these shoes that have been collecting dust in my closet for the past few weeks. I love them don’t get me wrong, but it takes a bit more thought to style these because of the colors and the texture. I didn’t want to walk around looking like pumpkin during Halloween. So I went through some boxes full of clothes this morning and found this old dress from Forever 21. It must be at least 3 years old because I remember buying it when I use to live in South Central LA. I love the way the shoes look with the dress, though I must admit that the heels are a bit to “chunky” looking because of my height. But you guys know how I am about fashion ‘rules’. Don’t follow them, don’t care about them to an extend.

Rock My Look:
Old Forever 21 cocktail dress. I can also picture myself in this dress with some cute flats, a light weight scarf, and a tote for a weekend look.
ToryBurch Handbag (Lusting over this one here)
Just Fab Shoes










  1. you got a new tattoo!

  2. melissafff says:

    love this look those heels are so fab

  3. Amo tus zapatos!!

  4. Love your style girl! and those heels are gorgeous

  5. Love you Dulce, you look GORG in that dress!! xoxo, Aman

  6. You’re so adorable, I think you’re about 5ft tall.

  7. I don’t think the heels are too much for you. They look great and I like your hair straight.

  8. hey Dulce i don’t think the heels are a bit to “chunky”, u look awesome as always

  9. Woww… I love the mix of prints with the pop of color. Love your hair too. Looks good on you!

  10. These shoes look amazing. I think you did great job putting together this outfit, because it looks great!

  11. you look great :-D dont worry

  12. Those shoes are sooooo amazing!!!

  13. Hi, you are womenly here, very nice make up and hair style )))

  14. We love your blog! We always follow you! The shoes are really beautiful, super perfect for summer :)
    Visit our blog!

  15. The dress and the shoes look amazing.

    About the bangles, they’ve got an Indian touch.

    Shweghna (An Indian blogger)

  16. Amazing combo, You look like a milion $ – sexy and thats all :)


  17. Love the whole outfit – but the shoes make it! :)

  18. I fell in love with your shoes, I love them!
    xoxo Renee

  19. Daniela says:

    You can’t be more beautiful…:(

  20. Cute!

  21. Those shoes are so gorgeous! LOVE just fab!

  22. You are amazing!! :)

  23. Wow, just wrote all of that complementary stuff on the dress and it’s wiped out! Anyway, take it from a fashionista like myself: That dress/purse/heels combo is HOT! The orange and black show an appreciation for complementary colors. I think you could totally rock that in summer and fall.

    Love it and this blog! Cheer.

  24. i love the orange bag.
    xx Stephanie (

  25. fantastic shoes!

  26. Fantastic look! It’s perfect again from head to toe, but it always is with you :-)

  27. Love the bag! Great look.

  28. Oriana Mohamed says:

    I like this look alot. Your straight hair and simple makeup is just perfect. The shoes and bag complements the dress so well. It’s one of my favorite outfits that you’ve styled lately.

  29. I love the dress! It looks so cute!

  30. I am in love with those shoes!

  31. heels are great!

  32. I love Elles blogs. they are super cute and amazing.

    I am starting slovak bloger and I am writing my posts in english too. I will be happy if you can take minute or two to read my blog :).


  33. I mean Dulce -_- sorry for mistake

  34. I guess I’ll choose an easy option for those shoes (a beige dress)
    Yours is amazing!

  35. In love with the colour combo of this whole outfit! Both the orange bag and heels add a gorgeous touch :)

  36. Isolina says:

    Gorgeous hair! Check out Nutress Hair products they are GREAT for all hair types and are versatile just like the different types of Latina hair ;)

  37. Love the shoes Dulce!

  38. Just watched your latest youtube video (loved it) and I wanted to know where did you color your hair?

  39. one of your best looks… i love it!!

  40. Really loving this one too. Very nice! :)

  41. love your haiiiiir ! <3

  42. Orange is not an ‘easy’ color but you did combine it very well. Amazing!

  43. Love the pop of color! :)

  44. Very nice outfit :3 You are so beautiful :O

  45. when are you posting again? we miss you!!!

  46. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love your shoes!

  47. Loooooooooooove the dress

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  49. The dress looks so cute on you dear <3

  50. A very stylish look! :)

  51. Love the bag!!

  52. Adore this pairing!!
    Loving orange this summer and there is a beautiful pop of it in this outfit.
    Class, elegant but fun!:)

  53. Loving the look. Gorgeous!

  54. Very nice dress and look at that bag! wonderful!

  55. This is a lovely dress and I absolutely adore the shoes x