Every time I walk through these huge replicas of European village streets, I feel like I’m part of this Old West town. In my mind, I start to dream of being part of a set filled with huge Hollywood stars that have graced this ranch in the past. There’s something to admire about a place that holds so much history and can instantly take you back in time. It’s a make-believe world that I’ve always wished I could be a part of.
My goal was not to become an actress, but I do remember being a kid and playing make-believe. It was the best way to clear my mind. I use to play alone and pretend I was the Pink Ranger and I was battling all of the evil putties. I’m telling you, I would really get in to it.
I woke up that morning with the desire to just drift away to a make-believe world. I didn’t want to go to just any world, it had to be a place that can take me back to the simple life, so I threw on my cowboy boots and set out to daydream at Paramount Ranch.

IMG_3604 (1)




|Top: Burlington Coat Factory| Denim Shorts: S&P| Boots: Target| Belt: Target| Bracelet: H&M| Cross body bag: Calvin Klein|

Photos by: Jesse Ruiz


  1. corinapopa says:

    Hello dear
    I just follow your lovely blog on Bloglovin!
    Please do the same if you wish!


  2. Do you know if there is a link to that top online? It is sooo cute!!

  3. You are always sooo pretty in your photos :-) Love the outfit.

  4. Dulce Candy says:

    Hey Patty! Sorry, I usually try to link everything but I couldn’t find the blouse on-line.

  5. Guess I’ll be hitting up a Burlington this week..that top is soo cute!!

  6. you look gorgeous in these photos! the colors of this outfit really complement you, and the background is so cute!

  7. Very nice pictures and yes i remembered old Holliwood movies )

  8. Your skin is always glowing Dulce. I too remember revelling in make believe as a child :-) Great post, as usual.

  9. cute blouse.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  10. vanessa says:
  11. You look cute! I love this whole look!

  12. You are so gorgeous Dulce! Nice work!
    xx Lisapiquet.blogspot.fr ( beauty, fashion and healthy blog )

  13. florence says:

    Absolutely love this look :)

  14. LOVE this outfit, dulce! i am totally a cowboy boots girl and i just LOVE how you’ve styled this look. adorable!

  15. Thanks for the reply, I suppose I will have to try and get to a Burlington and find it! Love it! :)

  16. You look stunning Dulce! Love the whole look!

  17. OMG, I love that shoes! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  18. I saw those boots at target yesterday & loved them! I have a thing for cowboy boots/boots in general haha..you’re super cute!

  19. Love the print on this top!! You look great :-)


  20. Wow! I think this is one of your best looks because it is so simple. I totally think you were a cowgirl in another life because you seem so comfortable with the western-styled look (:

  21. Oh gosh, how I understand you. I’ve always wanted to live in the old west with the cowboys and the american indians. Unlike you I want to be an actress because you can be whoever you want and live in different times. You can travel in the future and that for me is the beauty in being an actor.
    By coincidence I’ve just made a post in my blog talking about this topic :)
    I love the all outfit especially the cowboy boots, and you are so beautiful. I’m following your blog ^^


  22. amazing boots!! love them :>
    happy august!
    check out my July favorites: http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3356

  23. I love this style! You look pretty :))

  24. I love that bag it’s so cute!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  25. You look too amazing! :)

  26. Love the boots girl!

    xo Jennifer


  27. You look amazing! I love the outfit :)

    Sanja’s Burgundy Blog
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  28. Very pretty, Dulce!

  29. you look beautiful you are such a inspiration!

  30. Your outfit is very pretty. Boots are too lucrative.

  31. I love cowboy boots! So cute!

  32. I like a cowgirl who can have boots and shorts on and look real classy. Outstanding!

  33. Amanda Kron says:

    What brand is that blouse? I need it!

  34. you look so fab!
    kw, ladies in navy

  35. Awesome outfit ! You look stunning :)

  36. You look great Dulce! The boots are amazing!



  37. You have amazing style lady!

  38. This outfit is so cuuute! You look great


  39. Beauty Online – You look fabulous. Great style and perfect pictures. Good job!

  40. Your pictures always look like they could come straight from a magazine. You must have a great camera and great photographer ;-) but anyway, on to the outfit! I love love love it! You look like the hot girl next door in those cowboy boots.

  41. You are just stunning :)

  42. Charlie Dee says:

    You look exceptionally beautiful in these pictures:)

  43. Dulce, I think this outfit is one of your bests, because you look amaziiing and awesome, like always!
    Love you! <3

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  45. Really beautiful! Love!

  46. What a fabulous place and a fabulous outfit!

  47. Love the look!!

  48. graciela says:

    Love the outfit!!

  49. love the look! :) You’re always gorgeous! :D
    Please make a video or a post about fitness and how you stay healthy. Thanks :)

  50. Raquel Gomez says:

    Love this outfit!!!

  51. you are so pretty ^_^

  52. Great look, you pretty much are really good at expressing different styles. I really appreciate that. I love the dark color boots