Grunge Vs. Nerd

Fall is right around the corner; so to better prepare you, I put together a few sets from two hot fall trends, The Grunge and Nerd. As some of you might now, a few months back I took part of The Fitting Room. I had a great time on set going over these two hot fall trends and I can’t wait to style my own looks for my blog soon!

Grunge is not only a trend but also a lifestyle. It’s a sort of, rolled out of bed, cool, functional and effortless style.


- Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Western Plaid Shirt
- Denim Skirt
- Brinley Co. Round Toe Stud Accent Flats
- Double Grommet Belt
- Brinley Co. Sterling Silver Angel Wing Drop Earrings
- Brinley Co. Rhinestone-Accent Silver Tone Wrap

The Nerd is a trend that I’m eagerly waiting to experiment with this fall. I guess because I’m a girly girl at heart, and it has this good girl vibe that I love which I wouldn’t mind emulating once in a while.


- George Woman’s Essential Short Sleeve Blouse
- White Stag Women’s Skort (Peach Cobbler)
- Women’s Floppy Bow Flats
- Timex Ladies Easy Reader Watch
- Disney CZ 10Kt Gold Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings
- Brinley Co. Knot Ring in Gold Fill

*This post was brought to you in conjunction with Walmart*


  1. cute

  2. ‘Grunge’ is so Seattle where I was born and raise– the look you put together reminds me of early to mid 2000s withe angel wing earrings (reminds me of the angel brand jeans from middle school) and especially with that denim skirt and I love how the denim skirts are coming back.

  3. Grunge is so hot!!!!

  4. sometimes this, sometimes that :)

  5. I like the skirt and earings <3

  6. Thank u!!

  7. All the staffs are lucrative but Grunge is always special.

  8. Luv both, but for my personal taste I Like to mix it up. Glam-grunge and Sexy nerd. Glad it making a combat(not that it ever really left), Marc Jacobs was like a decade or two ahead of his time…It didn’t sell then for high fashion but high hopes for this year.

  9. i like the grunge collage!
    xx Stephanie (

  10. Love the ‘Nerd’ style. It gave a refreshing feel. My opinion. :)

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  12. I like both looks, and I would probably combine items from both looks together :-) I really like the earrings from the first look for example, and the flats from the second outfit.

  13. Nerd works for me

  14. I love the grunge look! Looking like you’ve spent no time at all getting ready but still look awesome :) … hate that I cannot personally pull it off.. haa, typical!

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  17. I love the skirt:X

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  19. I am more a grunge girl lol

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  21. not gunna lie, im a grunge kinda girl, but i can definatly be girly too

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  27. That’s not really grunge or nerd…. more like punk and preppy… Grunge isn’t trendy, it’s just for people who are too lazy to put an outfit together; they just pick up whatever is on the floor and it still looks good!

  28. grunge

  29. Denise Perez says:

    Love the Nerd look! Great for back to school!

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  32. Both of these looks are super cute. :) I’d probably take the plaid shirt and denim mini from the Grunge look and wear it with the accessories from the Nerd look. But what I like the best is that everything came from Wal-Mart! :D It’s my regular destination for fashion and beauty – since I’m broke 100% of the time.

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    HEY GIRL ITS ME Geyez hopefully i win.. this is all i need to go back to school. Thank You soo much may god bless you and your fAMILY AT ALL TIMES. LOVE YOU : )

  34. Hi Dulce :) I guess I would mix both style. I really love classy pieces with some edge details going on. Love. Bou

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  36. Love, love, love the grunge look!!!!!

  37. thats not grunge and thats not nerd

  38. Nerd is better but Grunge is the best!
    So hot and most fashionable for me.
    In my humble opinion^^

  39. I’d go for the grunge looks

  40. Best way to describe both personalities :)!!

  41. I surprisingly really liked the nerd collection xx

  42. How cute is the nerd look?! That’s definitely where I’m aiming this fall.
    Thanks for an inspiring post, Dulce!

  43. Nerd so cute..

  44. I love those flats!