July Beauty Favorites + New Hair

July came and went faster than the speed of light, it seemed. So it’s that time for me to share with you all of my new monthly delights. I re-discovered a few things when I was shopping/organizing my makeup collection a few weeks back.
You might have also noticed my new look. I’ve been wanting to go this light with my hair probably since 2006. Seven years later, it’s finally achieved. My fabulous new go to girl did a caramel base with honey blonde highlights and for the cut she did long layers. Just a little snip, snip which is all I needed. What do you guys think?



This month’s favorite beauty products:

1. Vera Wang Pink Princess Perfume
2. Essie nail polish in “Topless & Barefoot”
3. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush
4. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Expert Face Brush
5. Flower Cosmetics Luxury Lip Color in “So Gladiola”
6. La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Colour in “Pink Sand”
7. La Bella Donna Mineral Lip Sheer in “Isabella”
8. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in “Smokey Look”
9. Flower Cosmetics BB Cream in shade BB3
10. Big Sexy Hair “Flip It Over”
11. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Baked Bronzer “Light Bronzer”
12. L’Oreal Color Riche Eyeliner in “Black Brown”
13. Cookie Monster Pj’s from Target


  1. stay postive you doing great.when you feel like you do.remmber where you was and where you are now.theres always someone with you just have to look up and around you,,love ya girl…your fan sonia

  2. Glenys Almánzar says:

    Dulce querida, cumplir tus 26 años es una bendición de Dios y una victoria, ya que muchisimas personas no tienen la oportunidad de llegar ahi y poder compartir ese momento tanto hermoso de un año mas de vida que papa Dios nos regala, yo tengo 29 años de edad, el año que viene si Dios quiere cumplire mis 30 y me siento realizada, todavia me quedan sueños por realizar, pero todos los he puesto en las maravillosas manos de Dios y a la vez poniendo mi empeño para lograrlos, eres una mujer Emprendora y luchadora y se que lograras todo lo que has soñado y mas, soy una de tus seguidoras, me encanta todo lo que haces y te sigo hace un tiempo, te mando un beso y te bendigo en el Poderoso Nombre de Cristo Jesús! siempre mantente positiva en TODO lo que hagas y pon a papa Dios delante y veras los resultados! un abrazo!

  3. Hello my dear Dulce Candy !!! I’ve been following you and watching your videos on youtube Maybe I think 3 years and I love you style, and your advices for beauty, especially advices and tips/tricks for fashion, and how to wear , how to combinate how to mix and match few thing of clothes it helped me so much and I’m so thankfull to you that I found you on youtube 3 and half years ago I just accidentaly found your video with title ” whats in my bag ” and from then till now I’ve watched all of your videos and I’m watching and I’ve watched all of your pictures on your blog and I’ve liked so much all of your outfits and all of your tricks and tips for makeup, daily life and absolutely everything about you…. I wish you to have a happy life and everything the best , because you deserved it…. Kissesss for you hugs for you …. Greetings from Macedonia

  4. I love your hair, it is a lot like my color (natural) and it is stunning with your skintone! Love that hairsoray too, one of my standbys!

  5. I love the new do, it looks great! But you always look great. Also in that super cute Cookie Monster top :-)

  6. Jennifer says:

    LOVE this new hair of yours you look so gorgeous!!!!

  7. You look soooo gorgeous!! Yearning your hair…

  8. LOVE this colour !
    How to get this look and cut ? Please guide
    Thank you

  9. Bringing your picture next time I’m getting my hair done. LOVE IT!!!

  10. I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said already! But yes Dulce we understand. And no you don’t have to explain. I don’t think you sound ungrateful. And of course you’ve changed! You BLOSSOMED so beautifully. It’s empowering. Doesn’t mean you have to be wonder woman and keep it together all the time. Just because you have a human moment doesn’t mean you are falling off your positive band wagon either. These hard times are what remind us we are alive. I think another follower said it well. This just maybe a time to prep you for another big moment. With a star shining bright as you Dulce your light knows no time and space. It is infinite. Embrace those dark moments and fill them out. You’re doing fine and you are where you’re meant to be. We love you and will always be here for you chanting your name for your victory <3

  11. I love your new hair color and cut! I would love to be able to grow my hair out that long


  12. Lovely hair!

  13. LOVE your new hair… You look like J Lo!! I desperately need a hair cut and this is really inspiring. Been following your blog/watching your YouTube channel since you were featured in Seventeen Magazine as a Beauty Smartie :)

  14. Omg I love your hair. This is exactly what I want!!!

  15. falsies eyelash tutorial please i juat cant seem to figure it out

  16. As I should not be lingering around girly stuff, by showing off who you are – you caught my attention :) Believe it or not, eventhough I don’t understand much of these, I say that you know what you’re doing and sharing, keep it up Ms. Dulce Candy!

  17. Your hair is flawless! And I need to get that Essie-polish, but I haven’t seen it in Swedish stores yet though

  18. Love ya dulce such a inspiration!

  19. Love your new hair Dulce! I have a blog post where I talk about how amazing that Real Techniques brush is so come check it out at showandtellwithmichelle.blogspot.com

  20. Wow! That is probably the best hair make over you’ve done.

  21. Aww you look incredible! Love your hair :D

  22. You look great Dulce!!this color on your hair looks more natural!!!very nice change!!!you will look wonderfull whatever you do anyway!!:)))

  23. love the hair, fab!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  24. Love the new hair Dulce!! I’m glad that you are feeling better ;)

  25. zarafshan says:

    i love your videos soo rikkin much, i find you so amazingg!! and pretty! i would love to win your back to school giveaway<3 thanks xxx

  26. Sarune (Sarah) says:

    Love it!!! I’ve Vera Wang Pink Princess Perfume as well, I loooove that smell!! ^^

  27. Hanna Rita says:

    Hii dulce i cant find the follow button can someone help me? :c

  28. Your hair is so shiny<3

  29. Carina Gonzalez says:

    I love the light hair! i tried to go light and it was a big mess.. Any tips ?

  30. Dulce! I love you hair, but I dont know how to curl my hair with a straightner! It looks like that’s what you did here!

  31. love the hair

  32. Aimilia T says:

    You are amazing!!!!!!

  33. From what collection is the topless and barefoot? Is it from the 2011 or 2013? Can I get it at the local drugstore now?

  34. Is the nail polish a new collection? Have you had yours for a whole now? What’s another similar one like it? How many coats did you have to apply is it very sheer?

  35. I am loving your new ‘do Dulce!! I have been wanting to try something new to my hair, and this is perfect!! I may just have to do something similar to my hair.

    And that nail polish is an amazing color!! I have been eyeing it, I will definitely have to purchase it next time!

  36. I love that you’re doing this and that you support every aspect of education, it’s such a motivation for many young girls out there watching! :)


  37. Angelica Cruz says:

    So glad you are doing this, many people can really benefit from this giveaway. Keep doing what you are doing! :)

  38. Thank you for this giveaway! Your videos are awesome.

  39. keila guerrero says:

    i think that new look makes you look younger and makes you skin glow. pretty pretty

  40. What an amazing prize! I’m continuing my studying next month and I’d be totally over the moon if I won! :) Greetings from Finland!

  41. I love your hair!!:*:*

  42. i love your new hair color. it’s so you!!!

  43. You are always so happy and cheerful. I watch your videos on my way to work or on my way home in the train. I always feel inspired and happy after them.
    Your last hair colour is beautiful, so glossy and rich. Love it.
    I wish our shops stocked the products you talk about. I live in australia and the flower range looks amazing that drew barrymore does for walmart or target..
    I did however get my boyfriend to go to sephora and get urban decay eye primer…you are spot on that product is fantastic.
    Your aussie fan Trinity :)

  44. Hello, I check your blog daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

  45. Hi Dulce,

    Your new look charming me, You are always so happy and cheerful what inspired others.


  46. Nice Hair Style !

  47. Love the hair and what a great blog!