Liquid Pattern.









Zara top and shorts| Old Aldo wedges| Thrifted handbag| Arden B cuff|

Images by Jesse Ruiz


  1. Adorable matchy matchy look.

    xx Mira

  2. I love the patter on that!! it is so pretty and very summer (: so sad that summer is coming to a close

  3. Gorgeous as always! Love the Patten.

  4. Gorgeous! You’re really pretty!

  5. You are absolutely gorgeous Dulce! :)
    xoxo, <3

  6. you have so much crap you never wear when people out there have nothing to wear, this is just fucked up world :/

  7. Love it! The pattern and color on this set is great, you look gorgeous :-)

  8. You always look so fab! This is such a cute outfit, I love the colours on you


  9. Looking lovely as always milady :-) Great look, I love how you accessorized.

  10. Loving your are really preety.
    Thumbs up
    Much luv from coloured vogue

  11. beautiful doll, love all your outfits.. please check out my site for fashionable and affordable clothing and also follow me on instagram @cecebtq

  12. Patricia K. says:

    Beautiful outfit, like always. ;) Please who won the giveaway ?? :)

  13. Christina says:

    I love the pattern! Your style is amazing

  14. where is this so called weight you have put on???

  15. I love this color!
    You look amazing!

  16. i like the patten :D
    xx Stephanie (

  17. Wow, you look absolutely breathtaking! Stunning look!


  18. Great look!

  19. Angie Alfaro says:

    Dulce your hair reminds me of that time when you colored it that copper color and then colored it back dark because you did not like it. Are you going dark in fall/winter? :) either color goes well with you!

  20. Love this outfit. I just came across your blog an absolutely love it so far!! You rock girl :)

    Mel from I pink I Love you

  21. Love the outfit,
    we would love you to check out our Fashion Blog and follow, it would mean the world to us.
    Than youu!!

  22. Your shoes are my favorite part of the outfit! Gotta say it Dulce, your hubby is an amazing photographer, the pictures are always incredible and very professional!

  23. why are you so pretty? ^_^
    love your fashion

  24. Love this outfit its so cute

  25. Loving the combination!

  26. cute outfit! I thought that was a romper!

  27. love this outfit !

  28. Great outfit! I particularly love the cuff and the wedges!

  29. Nice outfit, looking all time pretty.

  30. I don’t understand why ppl judge her. So what if she buys stuff all the time? Do u comment celebrities that way? She has a job, family, and she has right to do what ever the hell she wants!!! Just, chill… If some ppl don’t have anything to wear, don’t blame Dulce or anyone else for that. Now we should all go naked and live in the street just because poor ppl live that way?? Nonsense. Stop annoying! If all those haters had money, they would be worse than any other rich person. So, shut up and mind ur own business!

  31. Love this outfit, I want them shoes! You must have a gorgeous wardrobe!

    Harian x.

  32. Fabulous outfit. I love your necklace .

  33. love the top and shorts :) at first i thougth that isa jumpsuit :)