“I Dream of Jeannie” Inspired Hair Tutorial

In today’s video, I was inspired by the comedy series I Dream of Jeannie, so I decided to re-create a 60′s mod look. This video has sat on my computer for the past few months, and I thought that since Halloween is next month, it would be a great time to upload it onto my channel. Clip-on hair pieces are fun because you can achieve a look almost instantly with out much work. As a full-time mommy, this is golden because I can look chic in minutes! Hope you guys enjoy it and please leave your honest suggestions below. ^_^




To re create this look you will need:
- Hair serum
- Hair spray
- Hair tie
- Teasing brush
- Paddle brush
- Ponytail extension (if you don’t have enough hair for a luscious pony)


  1. Woah! Awesome tutorial :) Ever so gorgeous :) Great video btw
    xoxo Zoe


  2. You look so cute! Love this.

  3. Your hair style is so pretty !


  4. Me too! Where is that necklace and the top from please?

  5. NIce and womenable hair style

  6. Looks so natural. Love it!


  7. What kind of camera do you currently film with?

  8. You look lovely!!!

  9. honestly dulce you are perfect i look up to you soo much
    love ya
    i hope we meet one day

  10. What a lovely romantic hair style, it suits you!

  11. Beautiful hair!

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  13. This is a great idea, you even have the poses down perfectly!

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  14. amazing!
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  15. Gorgeous look!!


  16. This is a nice hairdo. I would probably wear this at a formal event.

  17. Dulce, you’re stunning! These shots are so amazing! I’m just as curious as Kandis lol what camera and lens do you use if you don’t mind me asking? :)

  18. Such an amazing look. I love the way it came out. The hair piece looks so natural and you cant even tell its a hair piece. You look so stunning.

  19. I love this look! I have to go to a 60′s party so I will probably recreate this look. Not sure it will work for me since I have such thick hair but thanks for the idea!


  20. I love this hairstyle, it’s so pretty and easy to do. Not just for Halloween, I think it’s totally wearable!

  21. I love this hairstyle, it’s so pretty and easy to do. Not just for Halloween, I think it’s totally wearable! I love your necklace!

  22. I’m not fan of this hair look, but you are still gorgeous!!!!


  23. Love your hair style!

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    Have nice day!


  24. Hi Dulce, I have very very small eyes/eyelids and can never master the smokey eye. I know how to do it since I have been watching Youtube videos religiously for 4 years but it never turns out right. Could you please do a tutorial for beginner smokey eye?! Id really love it! Thanks

  25. The hair style is amazing! Also the haircolor is gorgeous x

  26. Your hair looks incredible and so perfect

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  27. You´ve achieved an incredibly beautiful look! I love the ´60 trend going on right now :)

  28. I love that hair Dulce! I think it’s totally wearable, not just for Halloween!

  29. Too churn ti for my taste, just like you Dulce.

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  31. that looks great, i think i should get one !

  32. You look just perfect! Kisses from Poland! :)

  33. Think and Blink! Your hair looks beautiful!

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  34. How lovely tutorials! What a great look, i like you.