Forever 21 Premium Cosmetic Review & First Impression

Forever 21 just recently launched their new Premium Cosmetic line, which includes 30 different products ranging from skin care to brushes. Today I wanted to give you guys a brief overview of all the prices and shades available to go along with my new video of my “first” impression of this line. In the video I did a full face makeup application testing out all of the products that were sent to me to see how well they held up, the pigmentation, and a lot more initial thoughts. Watch below and see what products where hits and which one you should stay away from.

Face Makeup and Skin Care
- Matte Foundation $14.80 (Light, Medium, Tan)
- Luminizer $10.80 (24 Karat, Rose Gold)
- Blotting Powder $12.80
- Smoothing Face Balm $10.80
- Face Moisturizer $10.80
- Face Primer $10.80
- Liquid Foundation $14.80 (Light, Medium, Tan)
- Concealer Stick $10.80 (Light, Medium, Tan)
- Pressed Powder $12.80 (Light, Medium, Tan)

*Poor color selection when it comes to foundation, pressed powder and concealer. The shades are limited to three unrealistic skin tones. Even though I’m considered medium complexion, the “medium” is too light and the tan is too dark. For a foundation that’s worth $14.80, I would expect a higher quality formula and a larger variety of shades.

Highlighters and Blushes
- Highlighter Lotion $10.80
- Luminizer $10.80 (24 K, Rose Gold)
- Classic Blush $9.80 (Rose Petal, Coral Glow, Date Night)
- Shimmer Stick $10.80 (Champagne Pear, Rose Gold)
- Lip and Cheek Stain $10.80 (Peachy Cheeks, Country Club Pink, Flushed)

* From this section I would recommend the Luminizer in 24K. It gave my skin a healthy, dewy look and it’s not over the top shimmery. For lighter complexions I would go with Rose Gold. You can mix a 1 or 2 pumps of this product with your favorite foundation.

Eye Makeup
- Eyebrow Kit $10.80
- 2-in-1 Priming Mascara $9.80
- Volume and Length Mascara $9.80
- Gel Eyeliner $8.80
- Liquid Eyeliner $8.80
- Cream Eye Shadow $7.80
- Shimmer Eye Shadow $7.80

The mascaras is what I was the most disappointed in because it didn’t provide my lashes with any length or volume. The wands from both the Volume and Length mascara and the 2-in-1 priming mascaras are nicely shaped but I believe the formula is to blame. I am excited to test out the cream eye shadows though. I’m a huge fan of cream products because they are so easy to use and can be very forgivable. Great for beginners. I also love the wide range of colors provided. The gel eyeliner is great! Creamy, pigmented, and you get a good amount to last you 6-12 months.

Lipstick and Lipgloss
- Creamy Lipstick $8.80
- High Shine Lip Gloss $6.80
- Shimmer Lip Gloss $7.80
(All shades are available to view on their website)

I’m a fan of the lip products for sure. And if there’s anything you want to test and try from this line I think it should be the lipsticks and lip-glosses. They go on smoothly with a velvety finish. They are also very pigmented and true to color. There’s a larger variety of flattering shades from nudes to bolds in both the lipsticks and glosses.

Makeup Brushes
- Foundation Cosmetic Brush $7.80
- Eyeliner Cosmetic Brush $4.80
- Powder Cosmetic Brush $7.80
- Blush Cosmetic Face Brush $7.80
- Brow Cosmetic Brush $4.80
- Eye Shadow Cosmetic Brush $4.80


  1. I’m not overly convinced to go out and try these products, only because there seems to be a lot of new and already existing products at the drugstore that I’m pretty sure would be better quality than this specific line and probably less expensive. I have not tried them…it’s just we either believe it might be awesome or not and go from there I suppose. But your review seems very in depth-thanks for that!

  2. Appreciate your honesty in reviewing the make up line! Recently you make-up and look are smokin and spot on!!



  3. wow the lipgloss is soo shiny !! love it !!

  4. Great review!! I wish they had better range of foundation and concealer colors. I think i’d be interested in the luminizer.

  5. Thanks for the review, Candy! You saved us from spending a lot of money on these products. They’re new products is expensive but with low quality.

  6. So glad to see an honest review. I don’t understand why their prices are so high for what you get. I don’t think I’ll be trying!

  7. Wow the lipgloss is awesome! WANT IT:)
    Nice review, Dulce:)!

  8. A really honest review.

  9. Great video, it sounds great!

  10. I really like posts like these they give me all the info I need without having to watch a long video

  11. OMG ♥ You’re soooo amazing and beautiful ♥

  12. And here I was, getting hyper over the excellent minimalistic packaging. They didn’t even have the ingredients tsk tsk. At first glance they reminded me of the Top Shop makeup line. Too bad about the foundations though :( If ever, those are the ones I’d really like to try. Oh well. The luminizer did look amazing on you! :)

  13. Very good video showing these new products but your final grading of a C+ seems a tad critical. No? When you seemed to like the majority of the items except the mascara, it just seems a little low. I’m definitely going to try the illuminizer and the lipstick.

  14. Great overview of the line! I like how you listed the things to try and the things to stay away from at the end.

  15. Super skeptical about these products since I can’t even see what’s in it. Yea, I’d rather just stay away.

  16. I really appreciate all the effort and everything, seriously i mean.. this review was perfectly done and i just HAD to post a comment.. i think i’ve seen almost every single post here haha and i’m not even kidding (even though i don’t always post a comment). Sadly, i live in argentina, and i don’t think we will ever meet so.. yeah, :(

    Anyways, love you! XOXO

  17. Thanks for the review Dulce!
    BTW, the nude lipstick looks really good on you :)

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