Outfit of the Day: Brighter Days

Sweater:: Target (similar)// Skirt:: Target (similar)// Handbag:: Target (new + it’s my must have purse this season!)// Shoes:: SJP ‘Alison’ Bootie (Nordstrom Exclusive) Womens Luggage


  1. I love this outfit. The bright colors are perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons.

  2. Denise says:

    Dear dulce, i love,love,love ur outfits. I just want to say that i love you and ur videos really helped me out. I hope to meet or here something from you someday!! Love

  3. You look gorgeous as always!
    I have a little problem with your blog. It isn’t only today but is often the case. It loads super super slow. Maybe it is because you have to many posts per page? I just wanted to let you know as I had to wait 2 min before it was fully loaded..

  4. Oh my gosh! Sooo cutee!! :) You are the one who makes the day brighter, I think :)

  5. you look like a teenage girl , so cute

  6. absolutely amazing!!!! :-*

  7. I love this outfit!! Beautiful spring colors and those boots are out of site!! I wish I could wear them, but alas I am built like a tree at six one and would fall over. Alisia | Some Writers

  8. So pretty! I love your style. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. You always wear the best shoes! What I would give to raid your shoe closet… :-)

  10. Those shoes are fab!

  11. I love the necklace, it`s radiates summer :)

  12. Color, color, color! Those necklaces are just too fun!

  13. You look so pretty and bright! I love it!

  14. Dear Dulce, have you decided to make me crazy after you ….????

    Again thumbs up (y) for your beautiful outfits. Again you make me to say hat’s off dear. Today I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you try some Indian ethnic dresses …??? I am sure that you’ll look gorgeous in those outfits also. I am sharing a link with you please go through this link and explore some ravishing designs of Indian traditional Apparels :- http://www.unnatiexports.com/women-party-wear-suits.html

  15. Your colorful outfit is fabulous!

  16. me gusta, pero la falda ya es demasiado, una cosa es llamar la atención y otra exagerar

  17. Dulce, I LOVE your outfits, and this one is super cute. The only thing is the sweater seems a little thick and big on you. I love the colour, and the pattern definitely matches the rest of the ensemble- however I feel the fit isn’t right, or perhaps it’s the material? I love the necklace, great choice! x

  18. Nicole says:

    This outfit is perfect! The combination of colours are great as she paired mostly cool colours together, with a touch of warm colour as well. The colours of the clothing are not all one shade and one tone, making the outfit exciting and dynamic. The fit of the clothing is perfect as she pairs a tighter piece of clothing with a more looser item of clothing, complimenting her body shape well. The patterns of the clothes are well suited to the person as the patterns emphasize the femininity of the outfit. The high heels emphasize the height of the girl. The heels and the ponytail emphasize again the femininity of the girl. This is the perfect outfit for a girly look on a summer day.

  19. Really bright and lovely Dulce!


  20. Beautiful shoes *_*

  21. Beatriz says:

    Hi Dulce! I love your outfit, so colourful for spring :) One question, were is your necklace from? It´s so cute. Thanks, Bea ♥

  22. You look fabulous in that out fit but I really love those shoes.

  23. Hi Dulce! I love this look. I’m inspired to try a sweater with a skater skirt now you make it look so easy. I love the statement necklace as well. You look amazing!

  24. Such a great, bright outfit! Love the print!

  25. This look is beyond amazing! I feel like its a perfect spring/summer/vacation look! Makes me want to go to the bahamas!

  26. Feeling all set to celebrate spring. The patterns and the bright color of spring décor and fashion certainly lifts up the mood. A perfect outfit for spring! I love your accessories. All awesome and out of the world!!!