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I love your headband and thanks for the tips.

I'm definitely going to try this syrup. Btw you look great - so happy and confident.

I love the vase (this transparent one). I realy thought there was water in it!

I must try Coty Airspun Powder! I've just ordered it. The brand seems to have disapeared from Poland. I no longer see their products in my country. That's a pity..

Izek has grown so much! Reading is great for children - that's true. Books serve as an endless source of topics for discussion with children.

Nice views! And you look great!

cute and girly.. but the blue colour on the lips ... just doesn't work :) I love the pattern on your dress!

The blouse is so original! I love it. The colour of your lipstick and earings make the look so fresh.. <inspired:)>

I look at your pictures and .. hapiness just radiates from you!

Beautiful! I would love to have this dress!!

btw, I'm waiting for your book! I've ordered it for my birthday and I can't wait to read it!

The lip liner is perfect!

You look great in these colours :)

I love watching Cafe Con Dulce :) It was a great idea to create it! It's like one category for all your uncategorised reflections :)

You've inspired me to rediscover my waves too. Thank you!

I can listen to you endlessly :) and I love "stay upset" moment :)

I love your hair routines.

I hate such dreams - even if they carry some deeper meaning, I prefer those meaningless (sometimes they don't make any sense at all) but pleasurable :)

Perfect make-up. I'm going to try it :)

for me - perfect! And I like the colour of the jeans

I love the blouse

I like the booties!

Great outfit and nice message! Yeah, that's true "We are our harshest critics" - instead of motivating we often criticize ourselves.

I've watched the video! You looked great.

and Izek is soo cute in this video! :)

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