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Keep up the good work you are doing fine

I love you so much

I love the mommy part doing snacks for izek and his team

You have such an amazing taste for clothes

😘😘 you look gorgeous

I love it so so much

Omg dulce this is the cutest outfit ever

Thank you for sharing your opinions dulce

It's amazing what that blow dryer can do I really wish I could buy one of those for my self

I'm really going to try it


Absolutely love it it's gorgeous

This routine is so easy for early mornings thank you dulce it's really helpful.

And the clutch is so beautiful it look like it was handmade

It's so beautiful and unique plus that color blue is gorgeous you look amazing dulce.

Dulce I would love to see a video about fashion for this time of the year can you please share with us some of your ideas for this time.

Dulce you are just unique I love everything you do and I'm so happy to hear you do videos for the things that you like not like other YouTubers that are doing all this challenges and there is a time for everything so don't worry be patient and I love you ..

And omg your shoes are beautiful

It so gorgeous 😘😘 it's really good for this season

I love it really cute outfit mommy style it look comfortable

I'm really proud of you

Omg this is amazing dulce you are my inspiration is so to see you with the Selena collection.

I am so sorry for your lost a pet is always part of our family

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