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Thanks, girl! Yes finally found a way to not make my hair look crunchy, but more natural and soft. :)

xx Love and blessings!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Love ya too!!!

Love ya too girl!

Thank you so much, Monica!

How awesome that you're a teacher! <3 And excellent idea :)

Thank you Jenn! <3

Thank you for always commenting, love!

such a great idea!!! I also love wearing animal print because it's almost like a neutral. It goes with pretty much anything!

Posting one now :) Glad you enjoy these posts!

awe haha thank you!! I use to want to look older when I was in high school and hated looking young. LOL.

Great minds think alike! haha

Thank you Jenn, You're always so supportive! xx

I agree with you! Her humilty <3 and THANK YOU! So good seeing you here :)

It's my fav from the line!

Thank you! I did switch to flats for soccer practice

Thank you beauty!

Thank you, love.

Thank you! My favorite part is how spacious and well lit it is :)

I'll be posting my sons room reveal next week. Hope it helps!

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