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Your skin looks flawless!

The shoes are hott!

This looks so good, I wouldn't think to wear a skirt like that with that top.

Such a cute outfit.

Love the bag! That's my favorite color! <333

Wendy looks so much better!

I'm so jealous, but congrats!

So beautiful! NYC looks beautiful!!

And congratulations!!!

I wish I could be in Miami!

So fabulous! I love it!

I am dying to get a Kate Spade handbag!

I'm definitely gonna have to try this sometime.

Perfect nail, it's simple but cute at the same time!

Love your hair hair like this!

My favorite childhood movie is All Dogs go to Heaven because it incorporates my favorite animals which are dogs it's such a sweet movie. I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it, It'll make you shed a tear or two but it's really touching. The story line is so cute. I'm not sure if it's a Disney movie or not, but it's definitely my favorite!

I love it! <3

I'd like to say that as a Latina myself, I am so inspired by you- through your beauty channel, your ethnicity, and by your military service. ! I'll be going off to the Marines in August, I was scared at first but watching your videos has helped me a lot, I definitely feel confident about it! Thanks, Dulce! xoxox

You have great taste! <3

Love the haul videos!

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