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She looks like Barbie!

I really enjoy this website! Plus i watch every one of your videos! I really love them, especially the volgs with your family! I just think its hard to keep on with this because so many people comment over and over! And i cant just sit here all day even though i would like to! But overall i do love it, and the concept of it all!

Loved this, i actually think your look was better then the original!

Thats a very good trick! I love her too!

Been wanting to see this! Even my husband does lol!

Such a cute little bag!!!

I love these shorts, and heels, like always!

LOVE the bag, so cute!

I think it is very elegant

I see gold and white, but my husband said he saw blue and black! So weird.

You should do a winged liner video! you do it so well!

Love 3 as well cant wait to try it!!!

Love goddess too!

Watched your video on the chocolate bar palette, and did it this morning! Love it, you should do more with the first one too!

Still really love this!

Always love your shoes!

Yay i should be pre ordering this, by this weekend!!!!!!

Really love this, the necklace and purse are so cute as well!

Miss Scarlet is my favorite, always love reds!

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