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Strong hearted mother,and wife.

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I'm glad this collection is doing well.

Simple, yet appropriate. Love it!

Your style is so beautiful!

You're awesome Dulce!

nice tips, thanks dulce

U look amamzing

I wish I was able to afford makeup to try out different looks. This looks so beautiful!

Are you planning on doing this again this year

I need to start blow drying my hair! Awesome video.

Would love to visit one day!

I love coming back and re watching this vlog! It's exciting to see what your future holds!

Love does always win!

You're so creative!

This is super cute!

very useful, thank you Dulce.

This looked like a fun trip, so sad about her doggy. Keep your head up Dulce!

Very artistic, and very bold!

you can tell Dulce has a huge heart! So touching.

i want to try this now!

You're such a inspiration, you have an amazing personality!

I don't remember the last time I've invested in makeup after having my child. Priorities change , but children are such blessings! Love your videos.

Love family vlogs. Y'all are such an amazing family! Love yalls core values!

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